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Say Hello use this thread to introduce yourself!
Hello everyone, some of you might know my name, if you do know, its me, yes, im here, im here im there im jolly well everywhere
Welome to the forum bud.
"To fall in hell or soar angelic you need a pinch of psychedelic".
Humphry Osmond to Aldous Huxley (in a book)

Don't think the gaming group ever said Hi! ?


Have you made the effort to listen to your subconscious today? 'Your sake' breakz are as amazing as line times or pin mins.

(09-05-2012, 04:13 PM)Lazy Wrote: Hello

Hello, first post, long time lurker!  

Is thing on?  :)
Hi , all.
Long(ish) time lurker , new poster.
Just a quick hello , and introduction.
An ex-rave scene 90s fan , who was an every week recreational user of mood enhancing substances back in the day.
I felt compelled to show my appreciation of your efforts , in HR for those in need of some research into their habits.
Me personally considered myself naively , back then , as well educated , where "recreation" was concerned . (Despite some scares during come downs.)
Following a pretty much 15 year weekly routine of weekend binges in clubs , raves and house parties , took a self advised break from everything inc. alcohol , due to a health scare of the heart , lungs and stomach.
My symptoms , mostly anxiety triggered palpitations , and chest discomfort , prompted a wake up call and undesired but necessary visit to the docs. They didn't seem too concerned until I mentioned , what I added into the conversation as an afterthought , the food regurgitation and dysphagia that I encountered once or twice a week.
A worrying note was given to me to take to the hospital , that was highlighted endoscopy urgently required due to suspect cancer.
"The proverbial wake up call was now pointing its finger at me" .
Following a six week wait for results of an endoscopy , lung x-ray and ECG , concluded "to my relief , ironically , despite its seriousness" , a bleeding duodenal  ulcer with lesions from previous immflamation. 

Fast forward 3 years of teetotal living , healthy diet change , quit smoking and weekly exercise , I became content ,mood wise .......but a background emptiness remained.
I avoided a lot of situations to stick to my new "physically" healthier lifestyle , by breaking from the circles I mixed in , and avoiding nightclubs and pubs.
Unfortunately , work colleagues whom we all had similar social interests regarding weekend clubbing etc. , continued with their lives unchanged and casually updated me on their weekly "banging nights out".

My long term pining and curiosity of stims in particular lead me to a solo visit to my first headshop , following the media hype on "legal highs" . Although my desire for clubbing ( felt too old now a fourty something) , and drawing up new pseudo-friendships with the latest known dealer of the month  , had waned 100% . 
I researched the brand names , as caution , following  reading various random forums , and translated the "bemusing intentional" , chem names , resulting in  the new names "to me" , of MPA and EPH.
Tried them both separately over 4 occasions in a month , (after researching dosages online and strongly advised minute allergy tests) , albeit recklessly eyeballing with a 0.1g scale.

Hated it everytime! Insomnia , downers bought back unwanted memories of wasted days in bed , wasted weekends of lethargy , and my exercise regime went to shit from elevated heart rates. I flushed the lot , knowing I would habitually repeat dosing for a brief high , despite the outweighing payback.

Another year passed , the same pining , the same impulsive behaviour recurs . However this time , with coinciding reports of multiple deaths occurring to so called "E's" , containing a new ingredient of PMMA , rather than MDMA , made me more cautious , imv.
A few looks on bluelight ,  revealed to me that headshops and branded products were just as much a gamble as my old visits to a random dealer of illegals.

Found the vendors who sold the generic chems , along with this place  and now to the present day.
A more educated venture into the new RC scene ensued , and thanks to you guys , not only did I find ways to avoid some of the undesired experiences of the past , but now a new fascination into the world of how it all works , molecular stuctures metabolic breakdowns , effects on neurotransmitters etc. 
Being merely an O Level  grade in chemistry , my education never progressed beyond making alcohol , lol.
I now find the workings of chems equally as interesting as the effects themselves.

Although I retain fond memories of past experiences of the club scene ..................the info I've learnt from you guys , can be counted as priceless in regards to HR. 
If this place was around in the 90's , I probably would have never gambled on taking random powders and pills .  (The PMMA thing scares me shitless , and your appreciated info on serotonin syndrome).

Anyway , intro over , and just like to thank all the mods , Blod for getting this place off the ground , and to the seasoned users and informed  of every genre of substance.

Not being one to use the site merely for sourcing , as some do , but will occasionally post anything I may find of help (rules allowing) , from my experiences being a prescribed daily omeprazole taker (ulcer prevention).

Despite the drop in post volume , I suspect many lurkers appreciate your efforts , even if it sometimes appears to the contrary , on quiet days.  (Although I suspect an influx of worried benzo users , after pre-May 2016 stocks run dry)
My future posts will probably be seen around the stim , sedative and music threads.

Thank you once again . And keep up the excellent work and efforts of a priceless forum. (Once I work out site navigation , tools , etc (hence my post may have wrongly ordered paragraphs) , I will be happy to make a donation , in the hope it helps .
Hello and howdy folks! I am new here. Found this place while searching for scamlogs and chemsrus. I haven't been to chemsrus in a long time, but apparently it is dead! Just cruising here and seeing what the skinny is. Have been doing research since 2003, got ripped on the pond guy thing in operation webtryp. 

Any info on a sos type site so I can check a site for validity? Is it ok to ask?
Hello. I'm in the US and recently took a 4-year vacation from my life-long hobby of drug collecting. No longer have to pee in a cup on command as part of the deal made in order to be opiated to my heart's content 24/7 without any legal worries whatsoever.

Я из России. 

   Скажите мне, что и как у вас есть на форуме?
Здравствуй. Лучший способ найти способ - использовать функцию поиска для определенных терминов и химических названий или просмотреть отдельные форумы, которые делятся по типу: стимуляторы, каннабиноиды, седативные средства и т. Д. Если вам нужен быстрый ответ, Возможно, это место для голосования. Наслаждайтесь!
'The trouble is, we think we have time."

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