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I just want to pass on some info that might be usefull to anyone battling with opiate/Kratom addiction. A good friend on UKCR- USBZU, passed this on to me so the credit goes to him. Thanks USBZU : )

Apparantly mega dosing on vitamin C can elimanate most of the withdrawals associated with opiate withdrawal. I dont know if it works but it may be worth trying out.

I know some of you guys might go wtf but apparently it has been proven to work.

Sodium ascorbate is a high concentration of powdered vit C which allows you to mega dose with out the massive flow of shits you would normally get. Sure opiate withdrawal does cause the shits anyways.

Apparantly you have to dose 3-5grams every 2 hours during the day. I will give you some links but i thought it would be usefull for anyone looking relief and to hear back some reports.

Some people have used regular vit c tablets but I am not sure on the safety of mega dosing them, the soluble ones as well could be dangerous for the stomach, kidneys, cause more toilet problems and the body wont absorb as much Vit C as Sodium Ascorbate. Dont just rely on what I say, but research it. Opiate withdrawal is hell so anything is worth giving a shot.

Heres a couple of links but for anyone interested there is loads of info on the net about it.




It sounds crazy but it makes sense. I hope it works, I believe it can. Taking two berroca after a night of drinking used to make my hangover bearable. This is not about taking berroca though as it also contains multiple vitamins so could be dangerous this is just for sodium ascorbate.

I really hope it can help somebody, ive had my fair share of Kratom Withdrawals and im experiencing a lot of PAWS due to opiate abuse so i have invested in a tub. It is apparantly good for PAWS too as according to reports it gets the good endorphins flowing again. You can buy the exact stuff in link one from Amazon. Ive dosed around 40g the last 2 days and no shits.


Thanks to USBZU who passed this on to me. He swears by it, and I believe him. Thanks Pal.

More links:


I have used this several times now and can confirm it works for me. Vit C is a fucking wonder suplement in high doses for all sorts of ailements including the common cold.
I dose regulary through the day starting with 3 grams on a morning and then 3-4 hours later same again and so on.
Its best to take it to bowel tolerance and keep it just under increasing your dose each day for around 72hrs which are the worst keep taking after this period till you feel fully out of the woods.
Additional help for this period can be found with promethazine available over the counter in chemists to help you sleep and relieve and RLS brand name phenergan I use this instead of benzos as I can't trust myself not to swap one e addiction for another.
Also doses of ibuprofen help with any associated pain which should be minimised by the vit c anyway.
Remember it is very important to increase water intake with your vitamin c as this helps the body absorb it.
I have CT a 300-400mg DHC habit using this method on several ocasions and it has been relitivly painless.
From my research on the subject i found papers that it was researched in america with extreamly positive results before being scrapped and ridiculed by government funding and scientists in the pockets of big expensive rehab centers.
I can confirm it has been working for me.
Thanks for being arsed to make the thread mr green plant it is a worth while help for many people im sure :)

Forgot to add that a vit b complex propped up with niacin (vit b3) can be very helpful for brain fog that comes along with later stages of WD'S be sure not to buy the non flush niacin and gradually increase the dose of that but if you get the flush lower the dose. This is as far as I'm concerned just an added optional extra that helps with me for the following depression and boredom. Good luck anyone that reads this and wants to get clean for whatever reason.

Ascorbic acid is fine too I use holland and barret 1000mg tablets and they work just fine I think their's a buy one get one half price at the moment aswell you can get tubs of 500 which have served me fine after months long binges.
I will keep adding to this thread as and when I remember anything else that may help people out.
Another way is the Thomas recipe but I have not read or tried this as for me vit c is fucking tremendous.
Let me know how your experience goes Mr green plant and as allways I'm here for support via email of pm if you need me and that goes for anyone else going through the same problem.
Thanks, i'll look into it. Starting to panic at the thought of running out of kratom soon.
(10-03-2016, 12:53 AM)Coelacanth Wrote: Thanks, i'll look into it. Starting to panic at the thought of running out of kratom soon.

Yes Pal really look into it, there is the possibility of accidents like I had this morning but I can tell you now that it is working well. And worth putting up with any missed shots at the toilet. I think you are ment to work up till bowel tolerence as USBZU Said above.

Follow the links. I bought the exact same one that was displayed on the first link. (Update I had a shit accident because i consumed a huge glass of prune juice that morning, ive had no problems since.)

Kratom can be awfull to get off. I found it the hardest thing to give up in my life. I tried tapering but it never worked for me as i,d run out then the next batch was different in strength.

Magnesium spray is also good for RLS, you can buy it in Tesco. It does help a bit. I find the worst part of Kratom the Anxiety.

If you are clear of any benzo dependency, i know this is a touchy subject but Flurazepam from research chemical sales for me anyway completly eliminates anxiety at 5mg for the whole day. If used theraputically it could def get you through the worst of it a lot easier.

But you mightn even need a benzo which would be good.
I've been tapering for a long time now. Down pretty low so not expecting a huge issue stopping. It's just the timing that worries me. I was hoping to have a week or more free from having to do stuff which I could dedicate to quitting (Just incase it's harder than I think)
Now I'm worried i'll run out of kratom before I get everything in place for that week. (I'm still waiting for the opportunity)  Probably just me being anxious and it will work out anyway. (considering a final order of s&v to be certain)
The plan was to use loperamide for a few days and a benzo if needed. The vit c would fit into this nicely. They mention this combo in your link. Should stop any bathroom emergencies caused by the vit c too. Maybe chuck in something for the RLS as many find that the worse aspect of quiting, and that's hopefully most things covered.
I'm not a heavy user, but it's been over 6 or 7 years of regular, daily kratom, so it may come as a shock to the system.

If I discover I don't need any of it that'll be a bonus. I'm all for being prepared though, as you know not being prepared is the main reason for failing.
Not to spoil this for anyone (if it works for you, it works for you), but high dose vitamin C is a hallmark for pseudoscience and quackery - I think it was a Linus Pauling thing originally (great chemist, lousy biologist) and gets recommended without much basis for everything. There's a page on Linus Pauling and vitamin C on Quackwatch.
For the RLS magnesium spray from tesco helps, hot showers etc but apparantly the mega dosing of vit c gets rid of most of the physical symptoms so i would imagine that would include RLS.

Be real carefull with lopermide as it can prolong withdrawals and it also has its own withdrawals. This a thread that will hopefully help people struggling.

If it dosnt work then stop. I used to take up to 40g of kratom a day. I,m using this vitamin c method 3-4g of Sodium Acrobate every 2 hours. I am still alive and comfortable.

Its been used for heroin addicts with supposedly remarkable success. Hopefully those links will provide a good source of research, but research more for sure to see if there are any negatives. I havnt found any. It is also meant to help with PAWS after the initial wd stage is over.

I am currently dosing 3-4g of Sodium Acrobate every 2 hours. I,m done with Kratom. I have no cravings for it any more.
Ye pseudo science !! check the sponsors of this claim people claiming this I'm currently on hr 48 of withdrawal ot that i would know. Try for yourself its fucking amzzing this is why i never started the thread is don't want the controversial but as it's my baby nor I can't help but stick up for it. mr green plant insisted  quite willfully that it needed adding to the forum to help people and for me and many ither more serious adicts it worksm its not a pseudo science its bio chemistry working at its best.
Dig deep on the slanderous papers and it's not long till you get a financially backed big pharmaceutical puppeteer calling it pseudo science. 58 hrs in and winning only feel sick at 58hrs due to suggestion of pseudo science. Usbzu
Ive been taking large doses of that Ascroabte for 4 days now. I am shitting fine. Feel content. Dont even think of kratom any more its my nemesis. I will keep posting if i have any adverse effects but i am listening to my body.

Normally at this stage i would be in turmoil. I havnt dosed any opiates today. I have had 1mg of diclazepam but normally that wouldn't help with Kratom Anxiety. I have no Anxiety and i,m watching tv-Rafa takn control of Newcastle-great news. If i was in wd i wouldn't give a dam i wouldn't even be able to watch tv.

It may even work for a variety of withdrawals who knows, I will find out but so far so good.
Just remembered that I used to munch on Black Cumin Seeds (Nigella Sativa) these are also supposed to be useful for opiate withdrawal, cheap too.
I used just for health benefits but gave up after a short time. Got fed up chewing the little blighters. I know people said they were helpful when they stopped taking kratom.
Plenty of material to read online, they've been used for thousands of years. 
Use the Black Seed for indeed, it is a cure for all diseases except death. Holy Prophet Muhammad thumbup

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