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OK well I would like to say thanks to RoyalAlchemist for the sample. I took 600ug buccally yesterday around 11am, onset was pretty quick, I seemed to start feeling it after 30 min and was probably getting full effects after around 90-120 min. The come up felt a little rough but soon settled down and was very nice, gave a good body high and music appreciation was up, so much so I didn't want to do much other than lie in the sun with my headphones in. Not too visual at this dose but was getting some warping and distortions, quite nice CEV's. Total duration was about 6 hours and left me with the rest of the day to do other stuff. It was certainly comparable to my other 25i experiences, tbh I would struggle to tell the difference between this and the NBOMe, but I have only taken it a handful of times.
I think this was just the right dose for me with little to zero tolerance, as previous experience at higher doses of this chem or the NBOMe variety have given me a pretty uncomfortable bodyload. All in all a pleasurable experience and one I am sure to repeat, especially considering the price. So far its a thumbs up from me for RoyalAlchemist, given me confidence to consider checking out some of the other stuff on the menu.
Sweet I finally get to try 4-aco-dalt, gonna have to order some soon!
“It never got weird enough for me.” 
- Hunter S. Thompson
Just received my sample this morning. Packaging was very good - looked like a regular letter. Inside were two blotters inside a plastic baggy with the chemical name and dose stated on it and contained inside a foil baggy. I'll report back when I've had the chance to sample, and would also like to thank RoyalAlchemist for being so generous as they have given out quite a few.
thanks very much royal alchemist very kindly sent me two sample blotters i want to do you justice and give a good report on your items i have never tried any variation of this one,and am presuming it works very similar to lsd which i used to work with ten years ago.i am 14 stone male who  has taken 4mg buprenorphine and 2mg etizolam about 8 hrs ago,can anyone advise me on the starting dose,i am in a good mood in pleasant surroundings and was planning on eating a quarter of one to start with ,does that seem the way to go ,would appreciate any advice from more experienced researchers so i can repay royal alchemist wth a good detailed TR take care everyone illy 41
you can't swallow this one illy. Hold the quarter between your gums and your cheek around about above the canine for at least 20 mins or longer ( ideally closer to 40) once done you can spit or swallow ( ooh er ) because this stuff is not active orally.

Also note there is little to no redeose potential with NBOx series so put the other 3/4 away for another time if you want to fly higher.

Everyone's milage may vary but based on potency of this substance I would suggest a 1/2 tab to get some effect. However I am not clear on any tolerance or interaction potential with the other chems you have taken today
got my sample! Thx for that! Ony negitive was that there was nothing else but the baggy in the envelope. no safty data sheet etc.
will report back after labtest have been made
Cheers for the sample! It came a coupla days ago, 2 blotters double bagged with clear handwritten details of substance/amount.

I might well do some SWIMming tonight, will report back... excited
No NO NO NO Not swimming please.....
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

Took half a blotter the other night - buccally as suggested and held it there for probably an hour or so. I had inklings about half an hour in, although it may have been placebo. The come up was about two hours and seemed to peak for about five hours after that (dosed at 9:13 P.M and seemed to wear off at around 4 A.M). It wasn't intensely visual - at least with my eyes open, I didn't get the chance to test for CEV's really - although I did have tracers and breathing patterns, for instance the paper I was writing on seemed to be moving. Had a strange body-load at the first hour or so but that wore off. Also gave me a great mood lift - I haven't been in hysterics for a long time so that was pleasant. I also found sketching and drawing incredibly enjoyable, I could really access my creativity and concentrate on what was in my mind, however it didn't transfer over to the paper so well because I haven't drawn in years lol.

Anyways, all-in-all a positive experience. No comedown to speak of as such, just a gradual incline back to baseline. Next time I would be sure to have some form of benzo on hand though as the residual stimulation is quite long, and I was felt feeling a tad drained. I was also aware of slight hypertension towards the end, but nothing of any concern.

RoyalAlchemist will certainly be my go-to for such things in the future; thanks again for the sample.
Last time I took this at 1000ug I didn't really enjoy it so I tried half a blotter (600ug) with some EPD as last time it made me tired and a Pyrazolam as it made me nervous and had a great time this time around. Again no visuals but I was out and found this to be a good .party dose.
I wouldn't recommend mixing substances but I don't think I could enjoy with chem without a stim of some sort.

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