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Very curious to know how u get MDAI when nobody else can (except certain sites that have exact same stock list). I know CRU don't have a good rep here but I recommend anyone buying or requesting free samples of MDAI to check over on that site. Someone who bouht Indian mdai from another totally separate independent vendor got quite messed up from it IIRC. So I would like to suggest you supply NMR etcto prove your product is the real deal.
cheers for the heads up. Must have been my fat fingers
Here's your NM2AI page though


I thought I clicked MDAI and ended up there but no biggie. I might purchase this MDAI and combine with MPA for good times !

EDIT: just read the post above mine. Ah well. The waiting game here we go again.
50mg aMT sample received. Good packaging and next day delivery. The aMT itself was rather nice, I enjoyed it.

I can vouch for these guys. They've got a lot of competition, but I'd say they're a good vendor

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(26-11-2013, 10:41 PM)ResearchChemistryUK Wrote: Boldwyn it's unfortunate that you feel that way. Hopefully you will feel differently in the future.

I'm constantly prepared to be dazzled and amazed however call me cynical i'll just wait and see.
[Image: PfrV0gK.gif]
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

Ok so I received my sample of B2. cant wait to try it.

other than that, this was the best packaged RC Ive ever received. baggy was vacuum sealed in another bigger bag. and the envelope was thicker than most.

I paid for shipping using their CC gateway sagepay.com and everything went great. used the verify by visa 3d secure thing. very professional looking and fast.

ill update after sampling.
Think i'll be ordering monday to try the b2
(28-12-2013, 10:19 PM)An0n Wrote: Think i'll be ordering monday to try the b2

[Image: 3V13w7y.gif]
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

i always think omg a little bit when i see b2 in a post but then i remember it's 2013 and no one wants to end up like wmf

Do they still send sample? Interested by the MDAI...

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