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I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Michael and I represent http://researchchemistry.co.uk/

We used to have two websites back when Mephedrone was still legal. They were MephdroneForSale.co.uk and BuyMeowMeow.co.uk. Hopefully some of you will remember us for selling the best quality stuff around and also for exceptional customer service [Image: smile.png]

Well, after taking a break from the research chemical market for a few years we decided to get back into it earlier this year. We're back and are now rebranded as Research Chemistry UK. We now stock over 50 different research chemicals and that list is constantly expanding. We are based near Liverpool in the UK and supply to the UK and worldwide. Customers have the option of paying via SagePay, a secure card processing gateway, or they can pay by Bank Transfer, Western Union or MoneyGram. 

I can promise you all that we really do our utmost to source the highest quality chemicals around. 
As anyone who makes a purchase from our site will see for themselves, our customer service is what makes us one of the best of all the vendors out there. We pride ourselves on the providing the best customer service. We believe it is what gives us an edge over the competition. You will find that most of your enquiries are responded to within an hour and often within minutes. 

We  recognise that businesses with good customer service and good products are the ones that survive, and so we make these a priority. So I invite everybody here at UK Chemical Research to come and check us out.  

We also have a live chat function on the website so you can ask us questions about the products while you browse the store. If we are unavailable to talk at the time then please leave a message and we will endeavour to reply within one hour between the hours of 9:00 and 16:30 GMT Mon-Fri and within two hours ant any other time besides when we are asleep!

Ok guys, you've heard the sales pitch, now try us out for real at *link removed by admin* I promise you won't be disappointed! 

Thanks for reading, 


(26-11-2013, 06:54 PM)Renton Wrote: You are not 'verified' by any fucking means
I apologise for making the mistake of copy/pasting the title of my thread from the Chems R Us forum. 

I am sorry if I offended you Renton, but was there any need to swear at me?
ew benzofury.me stocklist
[Image: rhpnkp.jpg]
Samples??  Be interesting to see what your B2 is like!
You know what its going to be like DK.....
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

Got a follow from you guys on Twitter the other day. Been waiting for a thread to pop up on here (I knew it would).

You have an interesting selection of chems, but no offence, I'll wait until someone confirms you as legit.

Sent via carrier pigeon
ask the loan arranger

Hi all. 

I know many prospective first time buyers are apprehensive about being scammed by a website that is new to them so please read the paragraph further if you are worried at all about being ripped off.

In an attempt to further show our legitimacy I have come up with the idea to offer members of UK Chemical Research a number of free samples (1 free sample per member) on the condition that you will all agree to come back and post feedback about the samples you received. This I would be very grateful of! . I am also going to restrict the availability of these samples to members who have at least 10 posts on UK Chemical Research. This is to prevent people from reading this post and creating an account just to get something for free and not leave any feedback. Sorry to any of you who fall just below this threshold however I believe I am being as fair as possible, both to my prospective customers and to myself. 

We believe this is a fair solution for the customer and the vendor. 

Here is my proposal. Over the next couple of weeks I would be willing to send each member a sample. I will send the sample for free (as a gesture of goodwill on my part) if the member would be willing to pay the postage costs (as a gesture of goodwill on your part), which will depend on where in the world you are, however the maximum postage cost is £11.20 (for Airsure/International Signed For - which are both tracked and insured services). Then once you receive the sample and have found it to be of good quality then you may proceed in the future to place a small order at first, safe in the knowledge that we have at least proven ourselves to be legit so far, based on us having willingly sent a quality sample for free. Then as time goes by you would eventually be able to place orders for amounts higher if you so wish, safe in the knowledge that you are dealing with good, honest, vendors.

And we also politely request that you all post feedback here for other members to see. 

Ok so here is a list of the chemicals we will be providing samples of and how many samples are available of each. 

5-EAPB: 4 x 100mg
5F-PB-22: 4 x 0.25g

5F-AKB-48: 4 x 0.25g
AKB-48: 4 x 0.25g
BB-22: 4 x 0.25g
STS-135: 4 x 0.25g
5-HTP: 4 x 1 Pellet
Dimethocaine: 4 x 0.25g
Etizolam: 4 x 1 pellet
Ethylphenidate Powder: 4 x 0.25g
MDAI: 4 x 0.25g
Methiopropamine: 4 x 0.25g

B2: 4 x 0.25g
B3 x Pellet: 4 x 1
Purple Bomb Pellet: 4 x 1 
Banshee Dust: 4 x 0.25g
Gogaine: 4 x 0.25g
NRG-3: 4 x 0.25g

In all there are 72 small samples up for grabs. 

For UK based customers the cost of postage will be just £3.65 and that is for 1st Class Recorded Delivery (a tracked and signed for service with insurance up to £50). 

For international customers there is a choice between Standard Airmail at £4.20, which is an untracked service, and International Signed For, which is £11.20 and is a tracked and signed for service with insurance up to £500. 

Any members who are interested in receiving a sample from us please PM me for details on how to pay. 

Thanks for very much for reading. 


chems r us 
dont cut it here

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