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Research Chemist.co.uk
Just recieved a package from them, some Methoxphenidine.  Packaging is great, waterproof bag (with shipping address) then a blank padded envelope (with "packed by *") then a Large black Mylar heat sealed bag (with "Analytical Sample(s)" and some warnings) then a smaller heat sealed black Mylar bag (with warnings and chemical on one side and quantity on other) with a plain LDPE baggie inside with the compound.

Received next working day after dispatch (forgot about bank holiday Monday, derp, almost went to email them Monday evening then realized.)

Not tested it yet, but looks exactly the same consistency as I've had from other vendors, will probably be back with results on that tomorrow.

Cost was lowest I've seen, considering even that they're one of the few vendors with this still in stock.

So far full marks here, just to get on with testing
Edit: Items arrived, they don't respond to emails but they do indeed carry out the orders. +1
are these guys still legit
Yep, never had any problems with these, was wary reading some of the comments here but made most recent order of MXP at the start of this week and it arrived within a day.
got my order next day too on tuesday. just realised i never looked at the points you earn though. ah well.

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