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chAInsmoKeAsRed Chems still operating ?

I think so. WEB site says they are busy.

I bought from them on 11 May 2016 and received my order by return - all okay.
Are These guys really legit? There are some bargains, but i don't know anything about them.
Yes they are
AFAIK their last day of trading was the 19th (last Thursday.)  That's what they said in their last email newsletter, anyway.

(edit: sorry, it was the 20th.  Newsletter link at http://us1.campaign-archive2.com/?u=64d5...eff46be992 .)  I wouldn't place an order without confirming that they're actually still trading.
I can confirm they were legit, they were one of the 'official 5' from the 6-APB days (when trading as RaveGardener). I was fortunate enough to grab a few bargains before they closed (all arrived without issue). They have finished trading completely now however.
I bought some mdai off them 2 weeks ago as I was going on holiday, just got back and checked my products and they have sent me nm-2ai instead of mdai, or at least thats what's on the label, will have to contact them about a refund.

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