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Recommend me a strategy game...
Well I have decided to go with Elite Dangerous (PC obviously, I'm no peasant!).

I had been aware of the title, but never shown a vested interested. I'd settled on waiting for No Man's Sky but I firstly grew impatient at a 2016 release date and secondly I do fear No Man's Sky will be a hype job and faze out after release. I genuinely hope I'm wrong on that of course.

But how often have we seen outstanding titles die on their arse after release.

Fingers crossed anyway.

But at least now I have the option of sticking with Elite Dangerous if No Man's Sky turns out to flop on release.

Happy Days.
If you sit in a bath of pineapple chunks, it can kill you. That's well documented.

1P-LSD elite fan. Bow Bow
Blitzkrieg 3? it is upcoming strategy game 2017, Spellforce 3 also tickle me to try it soon.

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