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Ratio of 2-AI to 3-FPM for Phenzacaine?
So if benzocaine is the commonly used cut for other things, why do vendors prefer lidocaine for the synthacaine and phenzacaine blends?

Have ruled procaine out if its weaker and more toxic

Also is it wise to cut with for example, a 50/50 blend of benzocaine and inisitol or mannitol? Or just straight up -Caine?
Well Benzocaine in its raw form is usually restricted quite heavily in most countries. The UK is no exception.
So after being told its legal to purchase benzocaine, it turns out - its not?

What are the noticible differences upon snorting benzocaine and lidocaine?

I've snorted benzocaine before and it had the numbness, the familiar smell...

Is lidocaine much of the same?
Its legal to purchase, but must be careful to avoid red flags i.e. do not buy too much.
Is phenzacaine (2-AI and 3FPM) good? 5 gr for 30 quid - is it worth it? Obviously must be painful to snort but is there any fun to it?
Mine was from BB as a freebie and it was shite tbh.
Yeah figures tbh, just shitty ass stimulant.. Not worth 5 gr for 32 £
Any vendors sell this without the 2ai??
Has anyone tried synthacaine sarkle v3 from rapid ??  the  illegal Caine has been terrible ATM and very costly
(26-01-2016, 06:54 PM)revco Wrote: Any vendors sell this without the 2ai??

OBFs is just 3-FPM with numbing agents according to their description (and they don't sell 2AI by itself either). Not particularly cheap though.

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