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RIP Anarch.
As Anarch's long term partner I feel it only right to inform you that Anarch has passed away on Saturday. 
I am so heartbroken, but as he was such an avid member of this group I feel that he would have liked you guys to know. 
We have met some amazing real life friends through this forum and we have also received great amounts of support with our addiction. Unfortunately anarch never did overcome his. 
I am going to miss him every single day and I am just so devastated. 
I apologise if someone who knew him has already posted but I haven't really looked as I'm too greifstriken. 
Thank you all for being such good people to him during his short time on this earth, and thanks to those of you who kept us safe all these years.
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Though I never knew Anarch, I recognised his avatar and numerous posts. There was also another recent death on another related forum I use. Such a tragedy for a life to be cut off. There have just been far too many deaths over the years on the several drugs forums I am a member of. :'(. I'm guessing at least 25 deaths altogether!!
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Hi and thanks Tonisaurus Rex; yes Tempz let us know just before that Anarch had passed and their are more comments there should you wish to read them - my deepest condolences
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Tonisaurus, I've only just seen this and wasn't aware. I'm so sorry for your loss. Anarch was a prolific poster here and contributed a lot to the forum. I feel so sad that this is the ultimate result for too many of us. Sending love to you, his friends & family bighug xx
This.....is real life
Terribly sad. He was well liked here and always interesting to read.

Best wishes to you
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RIP Anarch

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