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Questionnaire for study on vaping cannabis
Hey everyone I've been approached by a student currently doing their dissertation with the aim to assess the differences and affects of smoking cannabis in comparison with vaping cannabis. They've asked me to post a link to their questionnaire to gather more information on this.

They've been verified to be who they claim to be and where they claim to be, they provided a bit of a blurb (below) and you can find more information at the link at the end of the thread.

Quote:Do you vape cannabis or know someone who does? If you or a friend have 10-15 minutes to spare, please consider taking part in my study.
The following study will help assess vaporized cannabis and how the effects differ from smoking cannabis. The study will involve an online questionnaire, where you will be asked to answer various questions relating to the effects of vaporizing and smoking cannabis. Some questions will assess your experiences and effects of vaping cannabis, patterns of cannabis and other drug use (if any), and other demographic details. As a result of the nature of this study participants would have to be free of drugs and alcohol whilst completing the questionnaire but would have had vaped cannabis within the last year. I am currently looking for participants over the age of 18 who can take part by completing an online questionnaire (link below) 
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Need to e-mail me?
Filled it out, although I couldn't be bothered to list all of the substances I've taken; just added a few of them because it would take me forever to do :)

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