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Question regarding import to U.K.
Hi there

Looking for some advice, perhaps you were in a similar situation.

I am a beginner and am based in the U.K. I had some piracetam prescribed by a doctor abroad and have since run out of the product. So I’ve bought 400 pills of pramiracetam and 80 of Aniracetam from a vendor in Spain. The thinking was that I would have enough to lay me a while, the pramiracetam would provide extra benefits over piracetam and would take fewer pills due to increased potency. 

Last night, I realised that due to be PSA this import is actually an illegal action. I have since emailed the vendor multiple times, to no avail, trying to cancel the order that was shipping imminently. It shipped regardless. Have contacted the shipping company trying to have the order returned to sender but only the sender can request return or cancellation. Assuming the sender does not come back to me, the package will have to go through customs. My option is to either risk it or inform the shipper immediately and force them to return the package. I suspect that this being a rather large amount of caps, that questions would be be raised. 

What’s has been your experience like when receiving large shipments from abroad post PSA?

Any advice would be much appreciated. Running out of time to make the decision. 

Probably the biggest risk is that they will simply be seized. They may get through, some racetams can be considered medicines, in which case you can import a 3 month supply for your own use without prescription, even if they are (uncontrolled) prescription drugs. 

It's generally best not to import things from Spain though, some parts of the industry moved businesses there after the PSA.

If you can realistically claim the quantity you've ordered is a 3 month supply or lower, things should be fine. I certainly cannot imagine any serious action being taken against you. I am not a giraffe, frog or lawyer, so this isn't legal advice.

If you've retained the prescription you were given abroad things may be even simpler and larger quantities more easily explained, assuming questions do get asked.
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Thanks for your response Aiwass, it is encouraging. Funny thing is the extra 200 cap bag was added by accident and that puts me over the 3 month supply but hopefully the subscription, even though it is from a Eastern European country, should allow for more. Though the presence of Aniracetam worries me somewhat because it has been shown to affect some receptors activated by the the nasty psychoactives.

At the moment, I am inquiring with a food imports government agency regarding this. Explaining the situation plus showing that I made effort to rectify this should hopefully show show that I am legit.
If I were you, I'd simply wait and see without drawing unnecessary attention. The PSA wasn't really aimed at the materials you're concerned about. Good luck.
'If you're one of those who can, make certain that you do."
I had considered this. However I haven’t been able to find concrete evidence that nootropics are classified as psychoactive and therefore had to assume they would be covered by the act. Therefore I felt it better to come clean rather than clawing oneself out of a precarious situation. From what you describe, nootropics being a grey area are likely not covered in, in which case your course of action may indeed be preferred.

An update to this. 

I've received the product without any issues.
I've also heard from the seller just over a week after emailing. (Not exactly the 1 day email response service advertised.) This helps restore some confidence in the seller but without a COA I am having second thoughts about taking it.
Hi Sval. I'm glad everything went OK. If you're concerned about what you've received, you might consider sending samples here: http://wedinos.org/sample_testing.html

They have a 2-3 week turnaround. I commend your intelligent caution.
'If you're one of those who can, make certain that you do."

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