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Pyrazolam - some thoughts
(15-07-2014, 08:38 PM)444499 Wrote: Yeah but they're chemically enhanced front line reports. They're facilitators these things.

That does not detract from the artistic merit :-P

No, I wouldn't bin Xanax for everyone as I can see how if you were in extreme anxiety it would be useful. I have plenty of experience of that.
You want to retain xanax as knockout and retain these as stress busters, perfect sense.

The artistic was duly noted and appreciated :-)
(15-07-2014, 09:50 PM)444499 Wrote: You want to retain xanax as knockout and retain these as stress busters, perfect sense.

The artistic was duly noted and appreciated  :-)

Thanks, man

But these (Pyrazolam) do what Xanax are supposed to. I am thinking either Pyrazolam have more side-effects or they went Alprazolam because people would want more. Nobody can say Pyrazolam doesn't completely remove anxiety without the urge to go on a binge which can't be said of Xanax.
I found alprazolam a bit more hypnotic and quite certainly longer lasting. The duration could be it.
Very hard to develop a desire to binge on pyraz. I mean what would you be looking to increase?
I don't know why Pyrazolam never made it through clinical trials in the 70's.
Is it true it was Pyrazolam vs Alprazolam when they made the choice not to go for Pyrazolam? Would like to see a link.

I also find it hard to believe they went for a more addictive drug instead of a possible more effective drug with less 'side-effects'.

It is correct that Alprazolam is more hypnotic and quite sedative (I only speak in my experience) which is probably the best when you have a serious anxiety disorder. I agree in higher doses it becomes hard to be functional but when you're having anxiety attacks, the last thing that's on your mind is being functional. What's really on your mind at that moment is to stop the thoughts that create the attack and to lessen all the impressions and impulsions coming from the outside world.
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The real question is when will we recognise higher functionality as itself symptomatic of a greater problem infecting society, a plague of neuroses and irrational fetishes and phobias which we call culture, but in reality is little more than a neuropathic, and degenerative condition which is all that separates us from ring tailed lemurs?
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