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Pyrazolam - some thoughts

Although the much bandied-about term "Big Pharma" might conjure up David Icke-style conspiracy visions, I am convinced that anyone who has the need to engage in pharmaceuticals on a regular basis in order to stay alive or stay "sane" would agree that there is a malevolent aspect to the likes of Pfizer and Bayer and whoever else is out there which, quite frankly, is completely unreported on and is possibly a little bit scary.

Let's take Xanax. I don't mean let's all actually take it. I finished mine days ago and need to wait about a week before I can go into a pharmacy and expect them to refill it with it being as close to the 30 day recommendation as possible.

I am convinced that Big Pharma want everyone who needs something on Xanax due to it's addictive nature. Makes sense. They're drug dealers. I'd be disappointed if it wasn't the case. So, I recall the jonesing, the counting down the days until I could get my prescription again and I curse those days.

Waiting for a prescription at a pharmacy is a grubby business in the most cleanly and sterile of environments. The girl at the counter always gives something away when she sees that you're getting Xanax. "Jesus....this weirdo is on Xanax...I wonder what messed up shit he got up to?"

"It'll be about 5 minutes".

You think: the stuff is there! In blister-packs. On shelves. Just put three packs of 10 together and throw them in a bag and let me get the fuck out of here. I feel like Nicholas Cage in that scene in Bad Lieutenant every time.

And it's never any faster.

So, there's the aimless gazing at the pharmacy wares.

No matter how many times I see the price of johnnies, I'm always amazed.

"There's those Lucozade glucose tablets......I used them in my last marathon....God I used to be fit. I wish I were fit again. I might need to buy those johnnies. Fuck it."

Depressing thoughts while waiting for anti-anxiety medication. It's a bad vibe.

But you'll keep coming back and tolerating it, because the pay-off's worth it.

I used to regularly be drunk in the chemist. Smelling of beer or with a tongue stained with cheap red wine. There's an awful lot of expensive shit you don't want to knock over whilst trying to amble in a relaxed manner, shit-faced in a chemist. If you've any sense you'll find a seat and stay on it until they call your name.

Anyway, the Xanax would take care of the drunkenness once I got it. 4 down and to the bed and everything would start to be better.

My issue with Xanax is that in any kind of a heavy dose, it tries, like a bastard, to put you to sleep when you really can't be going to sleep. It's like having Paul McKenna and Darren Brown counting sheep for you in your ears while you sit at your work desk/ride the train/walk round town trying to keep your eyes open. This results, for me, in a severe anxiety about trying to stay awake. Fucked up, I know. But I suppose the label does say it'll make you drowsy.

I was at a job interview last week. I took 1mg in the morning. By 4pm I was walking up by the canal to a friend's house having a panic attack as one part of my brain was doing its best to switch itself off while the other part worried like hell and kept asking me what the fuck am I going to do about staying awake. Not nice.

Enter Pyrazolam.

Pyrazolam was originally synthesised by Hoffman-La Roche in the 70s. This makes it sound like a little known but influential Prog-rock album conceived in the shadow of the French Alps by a bunch of European hairies around 1973.

But it's even better than that.

It has all the anxiety-killing effects of Xanax/Alprazolam yet has none of the sedative effects. You can chill the fuck out and still do your thing. In fact, you'll be so calm, you'll be able to do your thing even better than you'd usually be able to do your thing.

This drug should be prescribed to anyone with anxiety. Xanax should be binned.
Pyrazolam is clean and tidy and effective and does its job with a minimum of fuss. It's Thomas Muller compared to Xanax's Luis Suarez, and its myriad of problems.
There is no hangover. There is little withdrawal, if any. You will not turn into Stevie Nicks doing 8mg of it per day stuck up in some mansion somewhere getting fat. You'll be right where you want to be. And happy with it.

I can't recommend it highly enough.
Now on my list of things to order when I have $$$ :)
Big pharma are cnuts to a man. They want cash not health.
They'd conceal a cure for cancer if it wasn't patentable/profitable.
Some people think they have.

if your into these little yellow pills you might want to get shitloads in BBs sale.
Etiz were mentioned (in passing) in a ban related document. When Etiz go, these will go too.
(15-07-2014, 12:06 PM)444499 Wrote: if your into these little yellow pills you might want to get shitloads in BBs sale.
Etiz were mentioned (in passing) in a ban related document. When Etiz go, these will go too.

I will be doing that as soon as I have the cash available.
I got loads and they sent me loads more extra...first time I can say big thanks BB. I rarely take them but they're always good for a night of insomnia.
What BB sale????  Cant find them reduced at all!!!  Heads up with link people???
50% off all pellets mate.

ended On Sunday.

I Really shouldn't have told you that.

I'm such a bastard
I pour my heart and soul into a detailed experience report from the front lines and all you lot care about is saving a few bob. Pfff.
Yeah but they're chemically enhanced front line reports. They're facilitators these things.
Got to visit the forum to get the data, hope he's not pissed off though, I Probably would be if I'd missed it.
Tried one of these pills couple of days ago. Very much as reported. Inhibition needs to be consciously maintained if you're somewhere where you can't let go. Absolutely none of the usual benzol spasticity. All nerves gone, which could be good or bad according to context.

They seem like a very useful tool, wish I Held the patent.
I wouldn't go so far and ban xanax, but pyrazolam really should be the go to prescription benzo for anxiety. Idk which is worst the conspiracy theory that they want people addicted or that they are stupid enough to not see it's unique properties. It's a shitty recreational drug, but would be a great medication.

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