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Pyrazolam first & last
No negative experiences from me using pyrazolam after stim use. 1st time i had 1mg spaced over 90 mins & when i woke up in the morning my legs were like jelly. Great for anxiety & i will not be using just for the sake of it.
Bad experience from Pyraz? Are you sure this wasn't Etiz? I've even went to far as to rail 4mg+ (ouch binders, don't ask) and swallowed maybe 6-8 of these in an attempted to get a benzo buzz but, alas nothing, ah well, different brain chemistry and all that I suppose.

If it helps, I used to drop one etizolam under my tongue as I was having my morning shower if I had things to do that day, like interviews, back when Pyraz were expensive as hell, worked like a treat, and the 1 x Etiz,1 x Pyraz combo just got shit done for me, perfect dose imo.

Then I developed a crippling addiction that came and went before I even realised what happened, I'm starting to have doubts if it was indeed benzo addiction now though, but that's hijacking haha.

If I remember correctly Etizolam was shown to actually have its anxiety reducing effects increase as a tolerance was built? Not sure where I remember reading that.
I barely felt 1mg of these, 2mg (ie 4 pills) gives a nice effect...but then I guess I do have tollerence from etz.
Been using these again at no more than a 1mg for the last 2 days as I have been feeling like shit after a stim binge. Have been having weird dreams & strange panic like attacks in the night. I get a feeling almost as if someone is creeping up on me & muscle spasms. Very horrible feeling :-( Never had anything like this before except perhaps when i used to use etizolam. Day 3 of my comedown is nearly complete & im almost back to doing a full shift at work so I should be back to normal shortly.
I've never felt any sedation from pyaz's, though I've also never taken more than 1mg at a time. Etiz's will do an excellent job at knocking me the fuck out though, 2mg-4mg being the most I've ever needed and even then only following an heavy stim session.
I found them pretty helpful when having to fight anxiety. Drop one of them and you can easily handle stuff you couldn't go anywhere near before.

Also, they are great to enhance the effects of Etizolam and Diclazepam. One of them along with the aforementioned will make them kick in much faster and much more effective. One Pyra and one Eti has never failed to put me to sleep within 30 mins maximum!

Gladly,I don't need them at the moment, but they haven't let me down, when I did.
4 a week spread out is not a huge amount but you might eventually get a minor problem. You would be better served leaving at least 4 days between doses though. People are getting the impression that Pyrazolam is weakish, but anything that gives you total calm at 1-2 mg is a potent drug.
Pyrazolam is one of my favourite benzos if a little weak at 0.5 but about right 1.5-2mg. I do agree it brings sleep but nowhere near as effective as etizolam. Say you've over done the stims and your heart is going like the clappers I put etizolam right up there in getting the balance back and it has corrected very unpleasant situations when pyrazolam probably wouldn't have done so well, well not least mg for mg.
It is true it gives some very vivid imagery when used for sleep but that makes it quite interesting in many senses.
Having used diazepam daily for years I now solely use pyrazolam but no doubt I'll have to use diazepam to taper off them in the end.

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