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Psychoactive Substance Act One Year On (writen by a sane human being)
FULL ARTICLE: http://ukcsc.co.uk/psychoactive-substances-act-year-on/

I couldn't of put it better myself. Good job United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs!

Quote:LAST year the government, with little opposition, passed the most draconian drug law legislation in any Western country, banning any psychoactive substance, whether natural or synthetic, even if it had not been invented or discovered yet, with the passing of the Psychoactive Substances Act.

This was a knee-jerk response to negative publicity in the media about legal highs, broadly exaggerating the perceived problem. In reality, the psychoactive substance, alcohol, causes far more harm to society than any of the so called legal highs that were on sale in headshops throughout the UK before the Psychoactive Substances Act, and tobacco certainly kills far more people than spice. However, alcohol and tobacco were, of course, exempt from the legislation.

The ban also potentially includes harmless and beneficial herbs such as kratom, blue lotus, damiana, dagga, etc., all of which we have now seen withdrawn from sale in the UK. Recently, the DEA in America proposed to ban kratom, a member of the coffee family from South East Asia known for its therapeutic properties, however, this was stopped after a massive backlash from people who use it for pain management and it can still be readily purchased from online vendors in the US.

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