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(06-09-2018, 09:32 AM)Blodwyn Wrote: It is with an incredibly heavy heart that i'm writing here to let you know that Psychmink is no longer with us.  Yet another beautiful human who i had the pleasure to know here on the forum and also outside of it took his own life some weeks ago.  This never gets easier for me to write.  So many wonderful members who have contributed so much here gone but never forgotten, he truly was a gentleman and an asset to our community.  I cannot begin to put into words how im feeling right now and so sad that something so awful has bought me back here.

If anyone has any issues arising from this or would like to talk about mental health or any other issues I shall from now on be making my presence much more noticed after a very long absence.  

Blod x

RIP MInk......He was a gent 100%.
Borderlands 3 out next week ffs. Fuck dude you're gonna be missing out like shit and I'm gonna be missing out on my gaming buddy

I'm attempting to get on with my life drug free. Fucking hard as fucking fuck fuck shit but I'm trying. Barry you helped me so much over the years, I probably wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for you. Thanks mate rest easy

thanx for sharing........

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