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Propylene Glycol/VG sourcing
So I have my first big payday in a while coming and am mostly looking to source maybe 1l of 100% PG and maybe some VG too.

Anybody got a good cheap source? What do you guys use?

I'm not bothered about getting them from seperate places.
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You can go to Sigma or another analytical reagent supplier but you will pay through the arse.
Go to a vape shop and ask them
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You can buy Glycerin from Boots. It was £1.39 for 200ml, in a glass bottle, near the cough syrup.
(01-05-2015, 10:20 AM)Passiflora Wrote: You can buy Glycerin from Boots. It was £1.39 for 200ml, in a glass bottle, near the cough syrup.

For PG I've always used classicool for my ecigs. 7 quid a litre at the moment but that fluctuates. Some times it's just 2 quid. There's a bit of a PG vendor price war on Ebay.



I've used this as well with no problems. Both vendors sell quality PG. It's worth watching the prices.
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Well I can pick up a litre of both PG and VG for under 15 quid for both. This is on Amazon. 10g of 5F for 60 and roughly 50 for 10 different flavour concentrates, food colouring is cheap as chips. Few hundred 10ml bottles of home made c liquid for under 150 pounds, can't grumble, saves me a fortune in the long run. Though you could always buy 30ml 0% nicotine flavoured e liquid for a tenner and stir in a half gram of 5F-AKB-48 heating if neccessary and you have 30ml c liquid for 15 quid. Not sure how I'd stir it without a chemical spoon though but you can get those for under a fiver.
Flavourart is good for flavour concentrates. Around 5% is all that's needed, depending on how you like it.

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