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Possible changes in RC vendor loophole
(12-09-2012, 12:20 PM)Jagdpanther Wrote: The worst thing about running a headshop is not the law - its the endless procession of complete fuckwit and ignorant wanker customers.

Are most of the products not deliberately marketed toward this crowd though? The MEGA BENZO SPIRIT FURIOUS ECLIPSE brigade

If a shop chooses to stock products that, by design, appeal to the ignorant, the shop is complicit imo.
This discussion has become about 4 or 5 different subjects now...

Branded Chemicals
RC Vendors
Legal Highs
Designer drug scene/underground trade of legals/illegals

All of the above can exist without one another, and I think a few people are lumping them together unnecessarily.
I am not sure if this particular research chemical site who deliver uk are legit need to be able too liase and compare them with a good selection of the best trust in peops I need to make a good trust and we can do research on a bit of mutual respect

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