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Positive drug experiences - new website
The following website is sharing and also looking for people's positive experiences on drugs:


The man behind it, Prof. Jake Chapman, is a friend of mine. He is also an associate of the policy think-tank Demos - see http://www.demos.co.uk/people/jakechapman

His website "aims to shift the way in which people think and talk about drugs and drug policy by documenting positive drug experiences that have enhanced people's lives. This is a deliberate contrast to the well known negative impacts that drug use has on many users' lives."

The website came about following his Demos report on drug policy, also called Being Real On Drugs - http://www.demos.co.uk/publications/drugs - the report concluded that "It is only by changing our view of drugs and drug users that we can begin to develop policies that produce fewer negative outcomes."

If you have had one or more positive experiences using 'recreational' drugs then you can contribute to this site, confidentially if you wish.
"oh hamburgers."
I will look Butters when I have full internet access again.
Harm reduction at its finest.
Dont trust anything i say on a Friday or a Saturday - wait until Monday
BI have many positive drug experiences, and owe the current view of myself to many experiences with psychedelics.
Even my nights of total debauchery can be looked at as positive when you figure all parties involved had a good time and no harm was done.
Folks, I should add that my own first-time e experience is in the book and on the website. It's also on erowid, where it has been surprisingly popular (I can write well when I want to!)

See if you can spot which one it is!!

@Knothing: I agree.
"oh hamburgers."
.. I don't think I've ever seen any quantitative data on the ratio of positive drug experiences to negative.. any suggestions, ideas, guesstimates?
(05-06-2012, 10:04 AM)Mango Wrote: .. I don't think I've ever seen any quantitative data on the ratio of positive drug experiences to negative.. any suggestions, ideas, guesstimates?

On Erowid it seems about 50/50, but I think that's a distortion because people only write about their outstanding experiences, and half of them are outstandingly bad I guess.

The fact that millions of drugs get taken every weekend, and that those who take them intend to do so again and again because they love it so much, perhaps speaks for itself.

But what I understand from Prof. Chapman (who is behind Being Real On Drugs, above) is that those who are championing the "war on drugs" simply don't get this at all. They perceive drug users in general as either evil-minded pushers or naive hapless victims of pushers. This is the sort of misperception he is hoping to correct by showing that a lot of users are nice, decent, otherwise-law-abiding people, including some very responsible professionals (doctors, civil servants, lawyers etc), who take specific drugs on specific occasions out of conscious choice because the particular effects are of such value.
"oh hamburgers."
Good point butters, I wouldn't write about the hundreds of weekend experiences I've had that were positive only the paticularly glowing ones, or the few scary ones. Makes since that reports on a site like Errowid would be 50/50.
Take for example this site. Most reports are good, or at least mediocre. Even though may of the compounds are new and sometimes the effects are not known until after some experimentation, the resulting effects are still by and large positive. While the effects are not all good and some social effects may be negative, drugs should not be looked at as a one way ticket to a disastrous future.

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