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Police to extract mobile phone data within minutes...
I can see police scanning every phone they see just out of curiosity. Let's say I'm walking through the store with my hot girlfriend and I pass an officer, now instead of him simply turning around to check out my girls ass as he normally would, he instead takes out his scanner-invade -your-privacy-device and looks for nudes of her on my cell phone. What's to stop him? A few minutes later he's coming back around to search me, and of course to strip search her.
highsandlows, checked my phone, its called Galaxy Device Encryption by a developer called hellcat.. so i think it might only be for samsung galaxy phones and maybe not all android devices, so it may be no use to you. depends what device you have.

banjo - yep anyone involved with dodgy stuff would be stupid to use txts or emails because its all stored by isp's and mobile networks centrally for a couple of years anyway so the law wouldnt need the handset.

but if you dont want some thieving spotty scally who's nicked your phone perusing your family photos, getting your mum's phone number, or reading your txts to the missus, then it does the job. ok so the normal password unlock system will foil most of them, but full device encryption covers all bases.

same with nosey cops - you've nothing to hide but its the principle imo, what right do they have to steal your personal data, and then store it for ever on their database, even when you havent broken any laws and you arent being charged with any offence!? the normal pin/password access wont stop the cops from sucking all your txts, contacts and photos etc out, but with full device encryption it will leave them with nowt but unintelligable garbage.
..remember to remove the battery from your phone to safeguard against eavesdropping and tracking..
Homing pigeons are the way forward
(17-05-2012, 09:20 AM)delorean Wrote:
(17-05-2012, 09:10 AM)Feed Wrote: "Ostensibly, the system has been deployed to target phones that are suspected of having actually been used in criminal activity"

Still, might be a timely reminder to get rid of some of those 'self portraits'.

Not bothered about this, the cops are massively under-resourced and under-funded, they simply don't have time to use this to bust someone for a line of powder that's possibly legal.

Not to mention totally inept, unsure of their own procedures, no understanding of the law and iqs less than your average banana sandwich. Personally I hope they introduce a 'Policing Degree' because the muppets on the streets are a sorry state of affairs.

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