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Pink Ecstasy Deaths (?)
Some news reports allegedly linking 3 recent deaths to an ecstasy-type pill that some are referring to as pink ecstasy..

Kare was saying last night on IRC that quite a few people were becoming very ill at the Fat Boy Slim gig in Brighton. Possibly related :dodgy:
[Image: ?type=articleLandscape]

..another link mentioning paramethoxyamphetamine:


and ane frae tha polis:

Good to know, thx
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This pma shit still finding its way into pills :(
I've had PMMA before and it went bad, but we suspected it was in there and only took one. I can see someone taking a lot of these. The come-up on PMMA was slow and it felt as if you were just about to roll or just didn't quite get enough. Then an hour and half to two hours in it was a sweaty messy kind of roll. It wasnt much fun and you could kinda tell at tht point it wasn't MDMA. PMA is much more dangerous and I've never had it, hopefully these warning get to people before they consume them. I just can't believe with all the choices of shitvto put in pellets people are still putting this in them.
Just about all of the para-halogenated amphetamines (bar fluorine) are harmful to a very large degree. I've seen a presser (quite locally) sent down due to having incredibly large quantities of 4-bromoamphetamine. Quite lucky that never hit clubs.
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The info on bluelight is pretty brutal, one of them ended up in a bad way and his friend died from these. Unfortunately if you look on pillreport in december somebody issued a warning about these before many people died. The figure is at least 5 people, 2 in ayershire, 1 in bournemouth, that 16yr old girl and someone in london. It's pretty scary stuff (granted bad batches hit reguarly, but normally they have filth in them and not some botched mdma synth gone wrong).

I think this is what happens when local pressers try to compete with holland. There's such high doses in pills now that if you get the synth wrong, there's a large dose of something dangerous.
Its tragic when this happens it really is....
Link here for some good info and harm reduction advice
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