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Photography Enthusiasts
I managed to land a borderline-robbery on eBay for a bridge camera the other day, because I'm hoping to take an extended trip soon and I'd like to be able to take some halfway decent pictures.

I'm fairly clear on the basics for the time being, but does anyone have any experience in this field for when I (and anyone else) want an opinion on my photos? If so, do you have any work you'd like to share?

Finally, and annoyingly, the camera I bought only takes XD Cards for some unfathomable reason. I just realised how much more expensive they are than your average 2gb SD card- does anyone have a spare lying around I might be able to purchase?

Here are a couple of incredible photographs that I'll post whilst it's relevant and the thread is derailed by pictures of butts.

[Image: A-Friend-by-Matjaz-Cater.png]

[Image: Between-Heaven-and-Earth.png]
I miss my last camera actually (died on me a while back) and keep thinking about maybe buying another..

You might be interested in the add-on lenses available from http://raynox.co.jp/english/digital/egdigital.html - quite inexpensive & gives you all sorts of juicy options...
What camera were you using Mango?

Add-on lenses are definitely on my shopping list. I know I won't enjoy quite as much freedom as I would with a true DSLR but the price difference is extraordinary- not that I mind spending money on quality goods, but I'm going to see how long it holds my interest before I shell out too much.

The camera I bought on eBay is a Fuji FinePix S6500, which cost me the princely sum of £20 no doubt due to some kind of universal continuity error. Also picked up a tripod for £4.
I had a Fuji Finepix too.. earlier model.. it was the s5600 or something.. the Fuji's had a really high quality imaging sensor.. better than I've seen on some newer cameras.. downside is that it's the sensor that sometimes packs in first.. think I've got one of those Raynox DCR-250 macro clip-ons kicking around here in a box somewhere.. if you think you'll use it then I don't mind sending it..
For real? That would be really good of you if you don't think you'll use it again, I quite like a bit of macro although any previous attempts have been foiled by shoddy compacts.

Do you happen to know what manner of attachment I'd need if I wanted to take pictures through a microscope or a handheld loupe?
..you can get adapters that screw onto the front of your camera and basically clamp onto the microscope or telescope eyepiece.. f mount.. or t mount.. or f adapter.. something like that.. as for the loupe.. would it not be easier using a cheap screw on dioptre lens?
Yeah probably, I just already have a pretty good handheld loup and I figured an f/t/? adapter might be more cost effective
[Image: mango.jpg]

Here is a mango, decorated with the molecular structure for lupeol, which inhibits certain types of cancer effectively. In honour of Mango, who has proved an effective inhibitor of sadness and not-having-cool-stuff.

I wanted to carve the skin but I can't find my craft materials so I had to bodge it with gold pen.
did you turn that mango into a pipe?
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..hehe.. cheers SirBors..

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