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Australia are moving to ban this substance: https://www.tga.gov.au/consultation-invi...-july-2017

Whilst Aussie laws are a thing in themselves, this ban may spread. Just a heads up.
Bit mistifying why Australia's taken so long to ban it, its a bit on the moreish side. Still getting mine from UK Ebay - international sellers
Whilst in many ways Oz is well behind the UK, they are much more agile when it comes to both enforcing and relaxing legislation. Often, their next move is what's about to happen here, as evidenced by their attitude to medical cannabis and limited home grows (though we'll be waiting a long while for British legalization of the weed, I'm afraid)...

As far as phenibut is concerned, I think one of the reasons it's not (or wasn't) in focus is the self-limiting tolerance which means that after daily consumption for only a week, the user would need to be swallowing heaped tablespoons of it to get anywhere near the initial effect of a single gram.

There is certainly focus on similar GABAergics like gabapentin, pregabalin, etc where the exponential tolerance curve has a less problematic gradient.
Please, keep your pants on. At the moment, the ban is only a possibility.

Question: So far since the Psychoactive Substances Act, I've had no issues with ordering phenibut from overseas (from outside the EU), albeit in quantities not exceeding 100 g. Do you reckon I could safely buy bigger amounts as well, like towards 1 kg or 0.5 kg?

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