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(08-05-2016, 06:11 PM)TiredDJ Wrote: Hi,

I wondered if anyone could offer any advice here.

I recently picked up 1g of this stuff and was planning to make a solution for dosing.  I attempted to dissolve in 50ml whisky, assuming the alcohol would do the job, unfortunately not, I have a vial of lump whisky, some lumps larger, some smaller.  Can't really dose it like this due to inconsistent suspension.  Plan was to take 1ml dose daily, for 20mg dosage.

Is there anything I can do to save it or is it a write off?


More whiskey and heating *might* help in some occasions. To heat i up i usually take a larger container, boild some water and put the bottle in there. Couple of shakes and another round of heat if there seems to be any progress.

Could be bad luck in case the stuff is dissolvable in neither water / ethanol

Thanks, doesn't seem to have made much progress, looks like its a drain job.


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