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Getting some of this tomorrow with the aim of fairly regular use.

Unfortunately some kanna will arrive with it so discipline will be required.
Bear in mind that most nootropics are bunk, "most effective nootropic I've tried" isn't saying much. It should be similar to racetams, but more potent. Usually effects are subtle & build up over a few weeks of using it once or twice daily. There is some tolerance build up after a few months it seems to stop doing anything at all, if it ever did anything for you (some people seem to be non-responders). Maybe just do it daily for 2 or 3 months max & take a break.

It does seem kind of interesting in combination with drugs or alcohol, helps protect against memory loss. I haven't noticed any bad interactions with other drugs, but it can maybe potentiate some effects.
Its effects on memory formation and recall look very interesting and are reckoned to be cumulative.

Some very long threads with folk reporting strong results.
Yeah, it's a very interesting compound. I did notice effects straight away & cumulative effects over a few weeks/months too. Other people don't notice a thing. I've been dosing on it now for quite a while, at least a year, maybe 2 years on & off (it's not a total cure for memory loss). It seems to either reach a limit of the effects it can produce or create a tolerance after a long period.

I think 8 weeks of 3 x 10mg daily, followed by a break is the dose suggested by the Russian manufacturer. I'm not sure you can get much extra by daily dosing for longer, the effects diminish.

It's effects on memory seem particularly noticeable if drinking or on psychedelics, it seems to help to prevent amnesia caused by some drugs.

There's quite a lot on longecity about it, here's a translation of the leaflet insert with the Russian pills... http://www.longecity.org/forum/topic/652...m-russian/

It's also called GVS-111 in a few scientific papers, it seems to be a prodrug for cycloprolylglycine
Repped, thank you thumbup

this is my first post here. Hello to whole community. I am so glad to found this place. A lot of great discussion here. Hope I can add some as well ;)

Had Piracetam and Cholin a few years back and enjoyed them.
Had a few Moments where I was like "wow I can really recall more memory"

Was a bit lazy to mix all those spoonfulls of powder every day.

Had it from the states for 8$ for a kg bucket.

Read here that Noopept is cheap now.

How much should I pay for it ?
Are there any brands you can recommend ?
I guess there are a lot of fakes around.

Found 10g powder on ebay for 7 euros, recommending 200mg a day..... seems like some crap :D

Happy impoving


iirc when I used it I dosed 20mg 2-3x/day
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200mgs is way too much. It's usually taken as Tom says or even less. Look it up on longecity for more advice, some love it some don't seem to get anything. And find a good vendor as I think there are some scammers on eBay. Either one with it's own website or maybe element earth on eBay.
yeah 60mg is the maximum you should need if it takes anymore than that its either not for you or the stuff ain't legit

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Found another research paper, open access too, enjoy... http://www.jbiomedsci.com/content/21/1/74

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