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Non hand rolling tobbacos (Snuff and Pipe Tobacco)
I dont really know why im making this post really, hopefully to garnish a few replies and abit of interterest but recently ive ben trying to turn away from the multidudes of rolies and fags i had a day at work, either gifted or self created. I realise im somewhat going against history here but i really dont think i can be done with vaping. Fort all its aspoused pros i cant help but keep my love of true tobacco.

So recently ive turned to snuff, and latery pipes. Snuff is a funny bugger to get used to as a smoking cessation, going from a devout roached cigarette smoker to a snuffer is a funny business. I dont really plan on stopping smoking so much but ive just noticed my hand rolled/taylor consumption increae recently and i suppose my subcontious is trying to do something about it.

As a smoker which i thing i will likly alwys be ive made a preferance for Manitou additive free handrolling, avaliable from Asda at £10.15 a 30G which is cheap as tits and its additive free for the differance that makes but still i dont really like the ammount oif smoke im consuming on a daily level. Over the last month ive started using snuff, off which my tobaconist has a very dwindled supply compared to 5 years ago but hey ho. They have a whole wall and a half dedicated to vapes and only about 15 jars max of pipe tobacco and barely even 5 kinds of snuff and this is a well established tabacconist.

But yeah im trying to segway my habbit of rollies onto regular snuffs and the occasional pipe when i have time to sit down with the bastard. Im just looking for abit of advice when it comes to the best of the best pipe tobaccos and snuffs to choose from. As stated ive been smoking additive free as much as i can, weather the benefits are there who the fuck knows but as with mny hand rolling id be looking to try and get an additive free pipe tobacco and also a snuff but i cant deny the mentholated snuff and flavored ones have done me well so far.

So yeah any other souls from another centuary still enjoy a pinch of snout or a toot on the old pipe. Just looking for pointed for brands and that etc and abit of debate if theres any of that left to be had here.

Muchos Xx
Try everything twice Because who knows, you might have got it wrong the first time
Oh Jesus I miss snuff, my grandad always had snuff boxes on him and I'm happy to say I have quite a few of them in my possession; though they have lost the aroma they once had :(
Long live snuff
They say pain is relative, it certainly feels like a relative of mine... One that I can't get rid of.
I used to use snuff, mainly McChrystals and some brand that did some funky flavors (like fudges n chocolate) when i was in college.  no e-cigs or cigarettes allowed onsite, so fuck taking 30 minutes required for the round walk and smoke and getting back to class.

then it got banned because the teachers were scared students might put cocaine in the pots.
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