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A quick Google and you can buy sacks of the stuff from China, any updates about it becoming available over here, seems to have good word of mouth.
Its coming before Xmas. Have very high hopes for this. Possibly less sedating than Flubrolam but that's just a guess but i am hoping the quality of the buzz is carried over, its parent is probably the most complete all round 1,4 benzo there is. Its equal to Diazepam for anxylosis better for sleep, muscle relaxation and anti-convulsant activity. Might be wrong though and turns into a super strength sedative losing some of the other effects. Think it will be Ok though Clonazepam translated well into a Triazolo, ( some might say too well) and Clonazepam is simply Chlorinated Nitrazepam, although i know that is a very broad generlisation, the added Chlorine might make a huge difference. Will be well and truly shocked if it doesn't outperform Nifoxipam and Metizolam.
It's now got a page over on Tripsit, the information on which coincides with acetlyblue's conjectures on dosage. They list a 'light' dose as 0.5-1mg, 'common' as 1-2mg, and 'strong' as 2-3mg+.

Time to onset 15-30 minutes, duration 5-10 hours, after-effects 2-24 hours. 

It sounds highly promising as a short term hypnotic, depending on the scope and extent of the 'after effects'. No information on half-life as yet, but likely to be an intermediate half-life and not longer than its parent, nitrazepam, which has an average half-life of 30 hours in healthy, young volunteers. Probably shorter than that.

Will be quite interested to sample this; if the above data is correct then it should have the advantage over flubromazolam for speed of onset and (arguably) for duration; it may have an advantage (depending on user requirements) over etizolam in terms of a stronger hypnotic action and a longer half life. 

A note of caution is in order; the parent drug is a potent benzodiazepene already and is more associated with accidental overdoses than many comparable drugs. We would strongly advise against combining with other CNS depressants, and would advise treating with some respect. 

We have it on good authority that this should be available pelleted in the UK soon enough.
The Tripsit page has been around for a while.

Definitely a promising benzo and while we can only speculate about effects right now, blue is right that it's coming to the UK very soon. And Magick is right this thing will be very potent, although likely not more potent than flubromazolam or clonazolam so we should be used to treating these novel triazolo benzos with respect by now. Many of these new RCs are more potent than even the strongest controlled benzos on the NHS, they're not toys.
Who the fuck is Psychoactive Substances Bill and why is he taking all my drugs?
The description makes me think it's about nitrazepam actually. Let me double check that.
The Tripsit page? I doubt it, nitrazepam is the same potency as diazepam so 1mg wouldn't do much for you. But for nitrazolam it makes sense.
Who the fuck is Psychoactive Substances Bill and why is he taking all my drugs?
The summary. Nitrazolam is not used medically so it makes no sense.
You're right, I think the summary is based on nitrazepam.
Who the fuck is Psychoactive Substances Bill and why is he taking all my drugs?
Will be sampling this soon, sounds interesting from the looks of this thread. Anyone actually tried it yet?
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(12-10-2015, 03:43 PM)acetlyblue Wrote: It depends on how the 3-hydroxy modifies it. Might make it especially slow to be absorbed as with Oxazepam or the oppositte like Temazepam. Given the results when Phenazepam was last legal a very close eye will be kept on that although in well dosed pellets its no more dangerous than say Clonazolam, Why Phenaz was sold as powder is a mystery, it was an accident waiting to happen. It would be better to keep it to pellets.

And u notice the govVerment have banned no other Benzo but that one. I can just put it down to nieveNess from the sellers. They soon learned thoN
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