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New here people....
Hi folks,

Names Mike from the UK. I've been using iop's since 1999,  my 1st order was from the ORIGINAL *edited*.
My vice is benzos, specifically, valium/diaz, and xanax/alpraz.
Was part of ioplist for ages, but dont like the admin, u get a ban for putting a comma or full stop in the wrong place!!
anyway thats a bit about me,
So hi everyone!!

GeniuneNeed edited 10-11-2017 04:47 AM this post because:


Welcome to the forum! You are one of the few RC benzo survivors. Nah jk I'm sure they were fine just went through hell and back after the Psychoactive Substances Act.
hey there, nice to meet you
youre more than welcome to chill here :D
pop in shoutbox some time :)
im going to edit a name in your post, no offence but we dont name anyone any more
They say pain is relative, it certainly feels like a relative of mine... One that I can't get rid of.

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