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New Vendor I tried
I came across this vendor called RcChemTech, I read some good reviews so I ordered some 3-MMC and 1P-LSD and it was literally the best I've ever had. They have tons of products on there but I've had 3-mmc and 1p-lsd from other vendors before and it was ok, but the stuff i got from rcchemtech was crazy good. and I get a referral discount, so mention "Tim L." if anyone orders please lol

They give you a new customer discount, plus they're certified to handle the chems so theres no legality issues at all. I'd like to try another psychedelic or maybe tryptamine on my next order if anyone has any suggestions?

http://www.rcchemtech.com mention Tim L. :)

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New Vendor I tried - by rcguy - 08-01-2020, 10:42 PM
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