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New 'Synthacaine UK' - 3FPM + NM2Ai - Experiences with 3FPM blends?
Hi All,

I've been lurking a while - it's been so great to find a community to actually share this 'hobby' of mine with, but this is my first post.

I've noticed several major vendors (OBF, BB, researchchemistry) are now stocking a new blend of Synthacaine 'UK' based on 3FPM and NM2AI or 2AI.

Does anyone have experience of this product, or this combo? I know 3FPM well (like a lot of people here :D). I've not tried NM2AI or 2AI, but they don't get great reviews by themselves, some say they are pretty weak stims, some say they are a poor version of MDAI. So, is this really a complimentary mix, or are they just trying to shift the AI they can't sell by itself??

I'm generally interested in mixes of 3FPM, because

1) I have panic bought quite a lot of it, and
2) although it definitely WAKES ME THE FUCK UP like I've been jabbed in the nose with an EPI Pen, I have not found it to be euphoric.

For me, 3FPM definitely needs a helper to add a bit of Serotonin or Dopamine - in short, add some "happiness"!

So, has anyone tried this new "official" blend? I've ordered a very small amount of NM2AI and will try making my own mix this weekend. Any input into ratio or what to expect appreciated! Any other suggestions for 3FPM mixes also appreciated.

Tried it from bb and usaully good quality, needs a succession of large lines also try mixing with phenzacaine(noticed BB's Latest stuff seems more potent then usaul I had and Brc phenzacaine is diffrent in good ways).I ev only experienced euphoria at large doses taken close together for brief periods. I wouldn't reccommend using much over a gram cause just lingers too long the next day.
I personally hate NM2AI on its own, it does not seem a particularly good serotonin releaser and is certainly not as good as 3-FPM for lifting mood. Larger amounts gave me strong nausea.
One of the few RCs I threw in the bin.
I sometimes think they make these branded mixes to get rid of some of their products that don't sell well, and to bulk out those that are more popular.
tried mpa + nm2ai once and mpa on its own is better imo. nothing worth to try.
I trialed a formulae x capsule that came free from res chems today actually. I cant remember the actualy ratios involved but it was NM and 3F and there is something more to it. not alot of people have much good to say for the basic amminodanes, less so for NM ive enjoyed 2-ai before but with limited range to push it, after a while it becomes sickening. But as a single dose or booster i actually do rate it. Its nothing to fight for but nah i find 2-ai enjoyable as for NM i havent trialed it individually although my housemate has and has the opinion of it being rancid, Sickness, etc. They arent compounds to be smashed but they do add something.

This formulae x with its NM did certinly give a little ore of a social buzz and change to 3f so there is something to the combination, weather or not itll work for you is up to your taste, it would be cheap to pick a small amount up and create your own blend without the filler.

Id be inclined to say 2-AI over NM but as i said trials of NM alone have yet to be conducted.

Blurgh BB still list it as '' + ? '' fuck them
Try everything twice Because who knows, you might have got it wrong the first time

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