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Nervous about trying 5-APB - Advice needed
Hi guys Happy

I'm completely new to the research chemicals scene and this weekend I'm planning on trying 5-APB for the very first time. Needless to say I'm extremely nervous because I've never tried it before.

In my time I've done every kind of drug you can imagine but I've had a break from the drug scene for several years; mostly due to the lack of decent suppliers. Anyhoo, on Xmas day my girlfriend and I dropped a Green Goblin legal-high pill each and it was an awesome experience (although the comedown and sleeplessness sucked).

This morning a well packaged delivery dropped through my letterbox and I've just tried an extremely tiny amount in some orange juice; just to test for allergic reactions. That was about an hour ago and so far so good. The supplier actually posts on this forum and has a very good reputation. ;)

Still, I'm extremely anxious that my girlfriend and I might have a bad reaction to it this weekend.

So I guess I'm looking for some advice from people who've tried it.

1. Any bad experiences?

2. What dosage should you take? I've heard about 100mg is about right.

3. I weight 13.5 stone but my girlfriend is about 8.5 stone so should she take less?

4. Is there a way of adding it to a drink where you can't taste it? The orange juice stank to high heaven and tasted like crap! This was despite an extremely small amount, no bigger than several grains of sand being added to each glass.

5. I don't have any electronic scales yet so is there another way to safely measure the powder? I plan on getting some scales but I'm seriously broke for the next couple of weeks and can't afford it. FYI I'm planning on dividing it into half, then half again then half again. As long as all amounts are equal, they should measure 125mg each. All I need to do it split one of them again to get 62.5mg, or thereabouts.

Anything else I should know?

BTW, the chemical I purchased is 5-APB succinate.

Thanks for any help and advice!
I wouldn't jump straight to 100mg if you're nervous. You can always add more but you can't take away. Make sure your girlfriend allergy tests too. APB can last forever so make sure you're in a good place for a while.
I wouldn't weight t out as you intend. Its hard to tell between piles. There really is no way to know how much is in the bag, it could be overweighed as some vendors do.

If you are intent on taking it without scales, it would be better to use liquid measuring IMO. You could check with your vendor you got the correct measure, but there is no certain way to know for sure.
Your GF weighs a about half a stone less than I did when I first took 5-apb (oooold succinate), and 60mg was more than enough for my first time on it. I wouldn't recommend even touching 100mg. You can always dose more next week, you can't un-take a drug.

I'd recommend you try as little as you can (2mg or so, or a tiny grain of it) as an allergy test, and take a proper dose later or another day.

I don't know where you got the succinate from, most places don't sell it anymore (hcl is active at lower doses).

Dear god don't add it to a drink. It's horrible. Beyond horrible.
Wrap it in a rizla or 1ply of (unused) toilet paper and wash it down with water.

Don't overhydrate yourself when on it. keep yourself to a small bottle of water an hour if you really need it.

There is no way to safely measure what amount you have without scales.
If you have a generous vendor you may have 1g, instead of 500mg. how would you know?
I've had some chems labeled at 1g be well off in both directions.

Don't redose your first time. Lock it away or give it to somebody to hold.

Scales save lives, and they're not overly expensive. BRC sell them at £22.50 for 0.001g/1mg scales, more than adequate for this.
Hi Euphoria, thanks for your post, first off I'll try and summarise, everyones experiences tend to be slightly different based on expectation and also head space. If you really are nervous about researching then my advice would be maybe leave it until you feel confident to, maybe take some more time to read through the threads and familiarise yourself with what to expect.
Having a good setting is really important and feeling comfortable will only add to your experience. I'd suggest a light meal some 2-3 hours before but an empty stomach will aid absorption and hasten the onset of the chemical. I'd advise no alcohol beforehand as this can sometimes lead to nausea and also pre hydrating before your research can be helpful. Some people find it quite difficult to drink whilst they are at the height of the experience and its useful to have something like an isotonic drink that you can have to hand.
Of course everyone varies with dose and only you and your girlfriend will be familiar with tolerances to things however as said above you can always add you cant take away. The initial come up can be anything from 20 minutes to an hour but you should be starting to feel quite good around the hour mark.
I's also suggest buying some gelcaps for your research you can find them on E Bay and are reasonably prices, size 0 is pretty good for most things. That way you just pop the powder in a gel cap and swallow although this may result in a slightly slower onset it will be marginal.
I'd certainly suggest starting at around the 50mg mark after allergy testing maybe slightly less for your girlfriend.
Its a really lovely chem expect music appreciation to be enhanced and touch. Set up your favourite tunes and try not to think about it too much. You may also find it has a slightly trippy visual edge which is why i'd advise building your doses slowly.
If you can think of anything else please ask!
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

If you would like to mix it in a drink you could use my method. Thing is no matter what you will taste it, so i use a small amount of liquid and then quickly chase it with three to four quick gulps of something flavorful. I prefer sports drinks. 100 mgs is pretty calm dose, but it may be better to start with 60mg give it 45 minutes and then go with the other 40. The comup will be easier this way. I also recommend not eating for three hours before using the 5-apb and picking up some ginger capsules take them an hour before dosing. Try to stay near a toilet you don't mind sitting on as well. This chemical tends to clean most people out pretty good.

Pick an environment your comfy in and make sure there are plenty of easily accessible tunes room to dance and pillows.(different people like to do different things with this chemical) Colorful lights are also nice. It can lead to the erotic so be prepare for that as well. Oh yea and have fun.
My posts here are ludicrous manifestations of my vivid imagination. Stories are like gateways into the world of those portrayed. I'm living vicariously thru the experiences of those  characters by telling their story.
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LOL I forgot about the cleansing properties pop a loo roll in the fridge!
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baby wipes in the freezer.
Showerhead on a hose.
My posts here are ludicrous manifestations of my vivid imagination. Stories are like gateways into the world of those portrayed. I'm living vicariously thru the experiences of those  characters by telling their story.
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