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Anyone tried this compound? If so what did you make of it?

Have taken my first dose this morning and I'm quite impressed, dose taken was 35mg.

Effects experienced so far have been a noticeable mood lift, not a euphoric one but more a sense of well being. Crisper vision/colours seem somewhat brighter, thoughts are less muddled and more focused. Will be using this compound over the next week for studying and will keep the dosage at 35mg.
i have - but i take so many other things so difficult to say what affect it had, it wasnt bad
I'm very hesitant about trying this one. Does anyone have the slightest clue how it even works?
I have no depression, but I was interested so I bought it in the USA and still have two versions of it. Since I was not dperessed there was no mood to lift. It seems. But that is not entirely correct. The dark winter especially when there is no snow around makes me more silent, less happy and outgoing. I took NSI 28 days in october. Two things happened but only in hindsight:
Inspite of the horrible warm winter I was really okay

It seems to have erased some memories about a girl that has haunted me for more than 2 decades. The only thing I can imagine that has done this, is NSI-189. She Always came back in my dreams and it really hit home. Lady Perfect, so close and so far. Day after I Always fel malcholia and over the course of a week it dissipated. Then, after 2 months some memory or some dream would occur etc. It hasn't happened to me since july last year.

I looked it up and noted other have said the same. The memories are not gone, but somehow they seem more distant and not so emotional.

Is it subjective? Highly! But an interesting compound!

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