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naphthalen-1-yl 1-(5-fluoropentyl)-1H-indole-3-carboxylate

There's very little info on it but it seems like there may be something very interesting here!

Anyone know of this compound or had the chance to experiment with it?

Cayman said this...

NM2201 is an analog of AM2201, the potent synthetic cannabinoid (CB) with Ki values of 1.0 and 2.6 nM for the central cannabinoid (CB1) and peripheral cannabinoid (CB2) receptors, respectively. The physiological actions of NM2201 have not been characterized. This product is intended for forensic and research applications.

There's reports of it being 'the best noid so far' but there is such little info out there.
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Very sharp dose/response curve by all accounts.

A couple of posts on a Swedish forum said "This made me quit taking drugs,"

Alot of the time people just are inexperienced and don't realise how potent synthetic cannabinoids are. They are extremely enjoyable if you're sensible and can handle the intense highs. Most hospital admissions and people saying they quit drugs because of them had massively overdosed I think. Not everytime but I'm sure that's what accounts for a lot of the bad experiences and ER visits.

That being said I've already made a similar comment myself about how synthetic noids made me much more aware of my mortality and take a different more cautious approach to drugs ;)
"I am not only touching the Sun... I am the Sun... We are one"
I quite agree, but those binding affinities probably do contribute to the dose/response curve so even if you've made a blend that's not ridiculously strong, it's easy to go too far.

I think that the best way to enjoy these really powerful 'noids is to make e-juice from them and vape them. it's much easier to control the dose then. Of course, you also get to avoid all the other nice chemicals created as by products of combustion.
Fuck this shit its poison. Go smoke some blue dream or something. smoke #420love
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No first hand reports? Sweeeeden??? :)

I'm all for the real thing, but there are times where the completely different experience of syn noids is what you're looking for. Back to the first generation noids, which all after have been shite!!,,, there was some intense experiences to be had! Not as a replacement to the ol' Mary Jane but a very worthy experience in itself. It's gone shit since am-2201, mam-2201, ur-144, jwh-018 etc. These shouldn't be compared to proper organic herbal matter but they deserve their own recognition!
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There's a fair chance that some of the newer synthetics have activity beyond the cannabinoid system. Either directly or via metabolites. There's very little research on this - the majority of the metabolic studies are mostly concerned with detection and come from research by the US National Institute on Drug Abuse.

So it's not surprising that the effects differ from the phytocannabinoids. Full on tripping is a bit much if you're not expecting it (or are an innocent toker with no previous experience of reality shattering into bright little shards), and the confusion that the cannabinoid effects add isn't going to help make it the calmest ride. If you already know the territory though, it's not without interest.
mam-2201 was full on psychedelic for me and whilst it caught me off guard the first time I soon came to love it. Had some of the most intense CEV'S evetytime I went to bed after smoking. It was a lot of fun but anything since then has seemed quite dissociative but not in a good way, and the effects on your body seem rather poisonous. Been trying to find something that matches up to the originals but without feeling you're seriously harming yourself, I've found nothing since.
"I am not only touching the Sun... I am the Sun... We are one"
(01-06-2015, 02:16 PM)neilj Wrote: No first hand reports? Sweeeeden??? :)

Banned in Sweden since August last year.
All of the cannabinoids currently available from UK vendors are already illegal here.
@mikeyboy are there any new novel syn noids in Sweden that the rest of us haven't seen yet?

Sorry didn't realise you are from Sweden, I just remember you mentioned NM-2201 being discussed on a Swiss forum.

I think syn noids for now are done! AM and JWH and even the HU series had a lot of money and research put into their development. Anything since comes with way too many side effects! I think the endocannabinoid system is too delicate to be messed around with.

I'd never questioned stimulating those receptors any other way until the wonder chems such as the AM's, JWH's and HU's. It's a complex system and finding chemicals that do it justice is a grande challenge!

Natural canna... all the way but the intense effects and short duration of syn noids puts them in a class of their own.

I particularly liked how when you come back to baseline you're fully back! With natural canna (especially the quality stuff) effects can last way beyond the 24hr mark.

Weed hangovers are shit because when you wake up on one, you do the all too common wake and bake thus dragging out the mong into the next day!

Good old weed is top in my opinion.

But the classic syn noids are in a class of their own! If I could go back pre-ban I'd of stocked 28g each of mam2201 (mam-2201 was entirely novel and untested but it was so close to AM-2201 and had much less side effects in my testing)

......and JWH-018!

Never can you replace the herb, and I wasn't trying
to (the joys of growing are unfathomable)

Apologies, your post doesn't necessarily confirm that you are from Sweeden, although it implies it. Sorry I don't mean to make presumptions, I miss read it!

Anyhow.... are you from Sweeden?
"I am not only touching the Sun... I am the Sun... We are one"

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