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NEW TRACK: Chords of Amen
Uploaded a new track to my soundcloud. Click the link to listen to Chords of Amen. Feedback is appreciated.

Sorry to bump an older and rather desolate thread, but if you're a fan of delayed piano, downtempo beats have a listen to my track Chords of Amen. Since the previous post I have remixed it and re-uploaded. If anyone has any feedback, positive or negative, hit me up!

That's all for now... so plug in your headphones, lay back, close you're eyes and enjoy!

the piano and rhythm elements you have in place are nice but it sounds a little thin tbh. you've only got to layers unless i'm missing some sub on my headphones. i think you could definitely use a bassline even if it's just a deep smooth sine wave sub just to give it a little more balance and bottom end. i also think you could use another layer like some pads or something to give it a little more ineterest.
Hey Anatta, cheers for the feedback, it's very much appreciated. 

I do see what you mean about it needing a bit of beefing up. I have been toying with the idea of adding a bassline or trying to warm up the piano sound. Only got headphones to mix in at the moment though and it's hard to judge how well it'll translate when played on a stereo.

Just got a new Bass Synth VST that I'm getting to grips with, so will have a play around with that and see what I can do. The additional percussion is something I didn't think of, so nice one for mentioning it. Will have to go on a hunt through my sample packs and see what I can find.

You obviously have an understanding of music and production, by any chance do you write/produce yourself?
i do.

i didn't mean percussion, a pad i kinda of a long, evolving synth sound, usually a chord.

the paino part and your beat are very nice. it just needs an extra layer or two and a little variation to make it really nice.
ahhh I see, my mistake. When I read "pad" I was thinking sample pad. Got me thinking about working in some one shot chimes/blocks/etc...

Not sure if it cuts through the mix enough, but on the intro/verses/outro there is an atmospheric, reversed and heavily reverbed piano. Similar to what I have goin on here > Going Postal, but with less of that high end, "dreamy" feel. Actually I think I'll try importing the bass from that into my CoA song. Really need to invest some studio monitors when I can afford it. Cans are good, but not ideal.

So what sort of music is it you work on? and do you have any available to stream? Wouldn't mind having a listen if its possible!

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