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Appearance: white powder

This is a brand new UK legal uncontrolled benzofuran derivative. 

Could potentially offer interesting research. 

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some of us tried this ages ago

either you get no effects or you take enough of a dose which leads to a dysphoric fucked up feeling which continues into the next day

flushed the rest of it id never even touch it again
Well that don't sound too promising. And I just realised there is already a quite lengthy thread on this chemical already. Load of crap then yeah?
"I am not only touching the Sun... I am the Sun... We are one"
A handful of people tried it. Not one even remotely positive report. Don't bother with it.
Even if high doses are 5-APB-like...why bother when you can get Methamnetamine or MDAI instead?
I'm not going to bother with it! I've read the other thread now and I can see that it has no positive feed back. Sorry I should of checked there wasn't a thread before I posted a new one! Just saw APB and got excited... I wasn't even aware 5-APB-NBOMe existed or that it had been out so long. 

How can they charge £45/g and call it an exclusive if you need over 200mg to still feel nothing! Glad I only placed the order and hadn't actually paid for it!

@roi if it was a decent APB alternative then that would be a huge reason to buy it instead of Methamnetamine or MDAI as they are completely different drugs by a long shot. The reason not to get it is cause it sounds like utter shit.
"I am not only touching the Sun... I am the Sun... We are one"
5-APB is damn selective for serotonin. It's very shitty on its own.
Agreed but the benzofurans were an interesting class of chemicals, mainly 6-APB. And even though it's 5-APB being discussed here the NBOMe part could of made all the difference. If it was another 6-APB type then there would be a lot of happy people here! But it isn't.... the jury's out, it's shit LOL

I've emailed the vendor stocking it asking in a much more tactful way..... why it's so expensive when it's so shit! Am interested to see what they say. Maybe there's a method to the research that we don't know about!

Where were the original samples from that everyone is saying not to bother with?
"I am not only touching the Sun... I am the Sun... We are one"
Purechemicals. I still have a sample here but have only allergy tested.
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Same place then!

They're still banging it out at £45/g and calling it an 'exclusive' and it's been about for a year or so.

Either they don't care what they sell or there is something we're missing.

They're pellets are at 200mg which suggests very high dosing,, and interestingly enough gram for gram the pellets are cheaper.

5-APB on its own doesn't interest me, in combo with 6-APB is a whole other story. And also 5-MAPB was very promising.

Looks like this could well be a load of crap, but I'm curious about the pro drug theory.

Especially if they created a more 6-APB esque one!

I've emailed them asking why they're still selling a chemical that has attrocious feed back in all areas of research across all different methods of experimentation carried out by individuals and why on earth they are pushing it as an exclusive and at such a high price? I wonder what reply I get.... may be slightly negative I think!!
"I am not only touching the Sun... I am the Sun... We are one"

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