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My music productions...30+tracks free
Im Khafu,

I make all sorts of music from minimal dnb to melody tracks filled with strings,keys .chilled dubstep ,twised heavy dubstep and some experimental stuff aswell. All tracks are mixed and most mastered its a mix of record releases ,free record releases,freebies ive give out and dubs. All up for free download.click 3 dots at top right corner to download.

DnB music


Drum focused 140


Music with an eastern string flavor


Heavy twisted dark side of dubstep


Dubstep remixes ive done for producers


ive split it all into these groups to save downloading though crap you dont want.

more to come.  thumbup

Bumm incase any body interested missed it.

If you make music whatever genre, share you tunes . I'm always up for collabs,remixes.
could you soundcloud them? I seriously can't be bothered to download...  the sound cloud in your signature is cool a bit slow to get started if you dont mind the critiscism... not my style but well done... personally I would cut straight to that first vox... but i'm an impatient old guy who doesnt smoke spliff and doesnt really know dubstep...

its hard to know what to do with music these days... there is so much out there... I have tons of stuff dating back years that I need to finish (one day)... I have to get something finished... my whole life has revolved around music so I need to finish something and it needs to be something special or I will die with regrets...

vinyl is back and I would love to release something on vinyl... something that someone might cherish and love like I love some of the vinyl I have picked up over the years...

the problem is I keep coming up with new ideas then I lose track of what I had planned for the old ideas and it gets harder to finish anything because I am constantly generating more work and the older you get the less time you are able to spend on it (money money money) and you have less energy to sit in front of a computer screen for hours on end...

I need to be less precious about it and start drawing a line under things but a touch of OCD is actually a good thing in production I think...

but then there's my kit... window 98 desktop running a cracked software... my stuff sounds so low fi compared these laptop kids... but I see that as originality... evreyone sounds the same and uses the same sounds these days... so much out there but try and find originality... but I can't face the prospect of buying new kit and having to put the effort into relearning it... I would rather spend that time generating ideas on my old kit... lazy i know... also a bit dangerous becuase my kit will die one day and my back ups are like once a year and then I usually forget where ive put it...

plus now I want to get back into art again and have started getting ideas for art to go with the music which creates even more possibilities... then there's youtube and video possibilities... I get so bogged down in the possibilities I can't motivate myself to get started it becomes like this impossible mountain of procrastination...

good luck with your music anyway, thanks for sharing.

Blankets screw you up. Just say no.
I took me a long time to split them up into smaller categories. "I can't be bothered" ........I'm not even gonna continue.

Please don't take offence to that comment it took years of hard work to get where I got to. I was going to go ham but I have respect for some members
cool bro... didnt mean to offend. Good luck with your music. LOL.

please don't ham on me...

Blankets screw you up. Just say no.
(15-03-2016, 07:19 PM)ralhar Wrote: cool bro... didnt mean to offend. Good luck with your music. LOL.

please don't ham on me...

No offence taken .

The ham bit is a producer joke. Doesnt really fit what you sed but the 1st thing that popped into my head without swearing
Since I like dubstep on deliriants, i'm gonna check out your dark twisted mix ;0
I've not listened to the others yet, but I enjoyed your dubstep stuff a lot.  Thanks!
(05-04-2016, 03:22 PM)ferret Wrote: I've not listened to the others yet, but I enjoyed your dubstep stuff a lot.  Thanks!

Thanks for listening

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