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My last ever 3F-PM trial and notes on novels stims
Never really write stim reports - what's to write? Took stim - got stimmed - comdown; anyway I tried 3F for the last time yesterday so though I would write it up and include notes where relivant so all these stim trials had something to show for them......

My last ever trial with 3F-PM and notes on other novel stimulants

Lots had bad had been said of 3F-PM so I had carefully taken dosing up careful over several periods; no problems but it seemed a bit of a stimulant with out a cause. I wasn’t impressed and had some reservations (not that nice). I had run out of MPA*(1 ) so decided on another trial; the last one had some brief positives but the age long comedown had been awful marred by my choice of the some what repulsive phenibut to smooth my way to normality;  it was my first time with phenibut and I hadn’t realised just how entirely inappropriate a choice it was; not really acting like benzodiazepine, being somewhat activating and side effect ridden.
10.00 I swallow 90mg 3f-PM (3fluro-phenmetrazine); for the next two hours I am active with modest good mood and some clarity*(2)– ok it’s going ok. It’s pretty noticeable but not strong. After maybe 2 hours+ ,as before, anything useful is wearing off. I want to redose. I put it off then do smallish redose some point after 1 – it comes on quick but I am feeling worse and worse; I want to redose badly – my diastolic blood pressure is very high. 3F is very unsatisfying – I want more – I am stuck; I really don’t trust this stuff. I hold off a third dose. I don’t feel it a lot but I feel grotty and down; nothing good at all will come of taking more of this muck despite itching to do so.
Ethyphendidate is a ratty clattery irritated feel when I have taken it; there is some of this. 4Me-TMP*(3) is another phenidate I have taken several times which produces the most unpleasant pointless stimulation with defocused thinking, inability to motivate, communicate and general uncomfortable feeling. It (3F) feels different but there is a lot of this range of effect to this drug.
My partner comes home; I am pacing; I cannot speak to her; I am ‘locked in’ phenidate style. I am in some modest turmoil; I have to state here the effects are mild, I am not paranoid, doing 100 miles per hour or anything of that nature; I am just restless like too much caffeine and mentally in a horrid dysphonic place. I decide to drop a load of codeine pills – annoyed at this since on a taper.
The codeines mood and motivation effects allow some activity for maybe an hour or two more before the 3Fs getting more irritating and nasty again – yet still mild; I am pacing and emotionally bleak
I swallow 3 Meclonazepam; I feel it but a mistake has been; I had though it’s cheery light nature might help whilst allow activity. Not much help. The still mild 3F still cut through with general unpleasantness; something heavy to kill it should have been used so after a hour or two; 2mg of Etizolam was added and I feel something like human again.

*(1) Mehthiopropamine MPA; my go to stim; it feels somewhat different but has a much more like amphetamine like profile – the excited flight to an energetic state of work of whatever nature. The Euphoria with MPA is limited compared to amphetamine and the duration of usefulness is much shorter; somewhat after two hours after which the next 10+hrs is less appealing. Smaller doses seem to extend the useful good period and make comedown easier if correctly administered. It’s concurrent use with the 5HT releasing MDAI is noteworthy and lovely though not empathic; adding strong smooth euphoria, extending useful period and smoothing comedown to a very large extent.
*(2) I might as well mention alertness promoter and “smart drug” Modafinil here since I would say the (mild) euphoria and clarity is greater on Modafinil in relation to 3F as well as the work ethic being stronger. Modafinil is quite good but I concluded MPA worked best for me.
*(3) Ritalin I also find cloulding and a move towards inability to act under the influence. For completions sake  I have tried HDMP-28 a phenidate with some 5HT activity and found it somewhat better but didn’t pursue it far.
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