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My collection of epic music sleepy chill out tracks.

will add stuff everyday if i can, so keep look out...god i love music with emotion.

Anyone can add something, but not dance chill out trance plz, harmonics and atmosphere is what helps to seep. If you put something i dont approve off being chilled epic or chilled celtic i will ask u to take down the video...sorry.

I music producer myself been about, thats as much you get from about that hahah, anyway epic harmonics chillout sleepy track is what we want for us ppl that cant sleep well....NO IBIZA CHILLOUT PLEASE, just reminds of benders i would rather forget but so there you go.

Youtube search epic music have alook, anything u like which is chill ad here plz.

roasting up a fat for bed and listen to some chilled musicgrouphug
yes, yes mate, lovely mate. nice.

Wnt to jamica and they play this style every were is so cool, sat with biff lol

ivan torrent-human legacy: is my fav track...

Im a liquid dnb head lol, just like the sound of music that sounds goodchin

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