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My b2 trip report
B2 - Benzo Fury ME also etizolam from there as well.
Weight: 78kgs (there or therea bouts)
Body type: slim/built
Location: Bedroom, Scotland.

Additional Notes:

Had a pretty hefty tea.
No vitamins etc in the day.

[Image: 20130320_070558.jpg]

19:00 10mg allergy test railed - Not much felt, not really enough to do any particular damage.
20:30 no affects. decide to go for it, 200mg railed.
20:31 Burns quite a bit, severe back drop but in all honesty managable, had worse from b2
20:35 after worse of backdrop, i decided to blow my nose.
20:45 Usual for me for b2/*banned alternative* is i have to deficate.
21:00 light headed, increased heart rate but not severe, like after a minute jog.
21.45 great euforia from this, enjoying tv and the moment.
22:30 starting to wind down a bit, decide to rail up another 200mg. A bit tougher to go but not a problem.
22:35 Again, clear my nose.
22:50 buzzing up again, back to where i was (quite surprised at that)
23:00 decide to watch a bit of porn as im quite horny. found it rather enjoyable. no urge to rip one off though.
23:30 decide cause if got work tomorrow have one last one to wean myself off it
23:40 last one put out about 100mg still not a problem going up.
23:45 Tuck myself into bed and enjoy the rest of it.
23:55 Thinking to myself that last line was enough. Another 150mg railed.
00:15 Back to original plataue really impressed with this
01:50 Effects starting to wear off, glad tbh cause im quite tired and have work tomorrow.
02:00 Take 1mg etizolam tablet.
02:45 Still effects lingering, slight heart rush doubt ill be sleeping.
04:00 No more sleep so it seems so play a bit of xbox.
06:55 Time to get ready for work. arghhhh.

So to summarise. Really really enjoyed it. Better than original b2 IMO, purely because its not as intense but its still there.
No intense urge to redose was my own choice to go for another and it wasnt hard to say no to another line thumbup
Maybe work better bombed? or mixed with water? thoughts as i may try that instead at the weekend.

Would say about an hour or so into work my nose began to hurt like a bitch despite blowing my nose 5-10 mins after initial insuffulaton. Would not recommend railing anymore than 100-150mg per sesh. stick to bombing or mix with water.
10mg is not an allergy test. 10mg of certain compounds is enough to drop you stone dead. Mistakes have been made and people have died in the past.
“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”
(21-03-2013, 11:27 AM)zebra Wrote: 10mg is not an allergy test. 10mg of certain compounds is enough to drop you stone dead. Mistakes have been made and people have died in the past.

I would also add that a first dose of 200mg for any new order of any product is not exactly airing on the side of caution.

No matter how many times you have ordered of a vendor treat every order like it's your first time with the chemical.
You're lucky you didn't find yourself in a sticky situation.
There's always one sufo. I'd say 10mg is a safe amount considering how long ive been around the scene. Its up for each individual how much they take. We are all know this risk with what we are doing. There isnt a chance in hell that everyone does 10 then 20 then 30 etc. Anyway hope you get round to try it if interested
How long you have been on the scene will be fuck all help when your vendor puts the wrong chemical in your bag,and it's active at 1 mg rather than 50mg...

Nonetheless,thanks for the trip report situation.
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Could be active at much less than an 1mg ... why not put a 1 mg sample in a solution and take less? ;)

Come on people if you really have that little faith in a vendor then dont try product!

I am very careful with new chems although with branded ones like this I trust the formula (if not the same ingredients) would not be active at such a low dosage. I have NEVER heard about a branded B2 type chem being massively active at 10mg, or of any cases of a mislabeled branded product. If vendors kill their customers it doesnt do their business much good!

Personally I did a 10mg test with the last batch of B2 then a 50mg line. Next time with the same batch I did 100mg lines. 200mg is a high starting dose personally but why are people jumping on the OP?

Thanks for the TR.
Some UK vendors were still selling 2dpmp, or stuff that contained it, until fairly recently. Stick 10mg of that in an "allergy test" and you'd f#ckin know about it!
Hi Situation,

B2 can be hit or miss. Which vendor was yours from?


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