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My Methoxphenidine Birthday Continues
My Methoxphenidine Birthday Continues.............

So after a rather pleasant birthday spent with my family, sobriety intact, the evening dawn in...........

still feeling abit wonky from the night before but that i think was the beers oh and well the mxp i consumed aswel lol.

8:10pm. Open up bottle of beer,weigh out 110mg methoxphenidine and put it in my shot glass and add beer.

SMASH! Down the hole.

Felt the numbing feeling again in my throat very anesthetic kinda feeling which passes with time.  

8:40pm. slight effects start,finding it abit harder to concentrate on one specific thing!my body starts to tingle,nicely feel fuzzy.

9:00pm. Put on minecraft, and start building with people online,but find it abit hard to think about what it is i'm building.hints of euphoria come and go in waves

9:30pm. time has stretched out some what,feels like an eternity has gone by.
get lost in thought at times and then back to what i was doing.

10:00pm. this seems to feel different in a strange way, not like I've experienced it before!feel extremely dissociated,walking is very wonky as i head for the toilet and as i sit here it seems as if this isn't my toilet.like i'm sat somewhere completely different.these effects are not at all unpleasant but would be horrible if i was not expecting them!

i head back in a play more minecraft feeling nicely buzzed and floaty.

time crawls on slowly!sink down another beer.and things continue steadily from here,for now at least!

11:20pm. although by this time on previous experiences on this drug effects would normally start to dissipate by now but not this time i'm still abit buzzed.

i grab my scales and weigh out another 110mg and stick it in my shot glass

SMASH...DOWN THE HOLE. and i carry myself up to bed with my laptop.

little did i know what was coming...

11:50pm. effects start to come on but feel sober but fucked at the same time.weird, put some drum and bass on and lie down and lose myself in the music.

12:10am. defiantly coming on very strong and hard i feel as if this drug is about to grab hold of me and do with me what it will! things start to go into over drive i become overwhelmed by this feeling as if i feel i may of done to much.i log on here confused and unable to type properly!

i don't know what happened next all i remember was a feeling that i had died.
emptiness and nothingness was all i felt.from what i can only explain as a complete out of body experience.

then i remember hearing a pulsing beat,a drum beat very faintly far away until it got louder and louder and then, BOOM! i smash back into the room,all dazed and confused everything is everywhere nothing makes sense as if everything was in fast forward.it was rush hour and i was gone!gone from this world and my mind!nothing was familiar i was in a different place,this wasn't my bed anymore and i certainly wasn't me!my brain was splatted all over the place,i managed during it all to chat on here god knows how!some reassuring words from my guardian angle "BLODWYN"(who's always there when i need him funnily enough) that i wasn't in fact dead and very much alive!i had to touch things because i thought they weren't real!

1:10am That was the longest most messed up hour of my entire life in a good but very confusing way!brain starting to return to a semi normal dream like state.i compose myself for a minute or two.
1:20am coming down nicely now very calm and sedated and a sense on relief that the worst is over.very nice glowing feeling remains and am glad to of experienced what i have even tho it was insane!

1:45am Smoke Some "YOU KNOW WHAT" to help calm me down some more! extremely relaxed now sleep will not be a problem soon!
listening to mellow dnb drifting away with the music!

2:10am i believe its around here i fall asleep calmly and peacefully in my bed still buzzing and glowing with the after glow safe and sound.  

8:30am awake to a not such a fuzzy head today (whoop) glad of that because last night i was gone!get up have a coffee and go about my day!

I've been hitting this stuff over the last week or so and last night i must say i was the most extreme! a very good birthday present lol.

no tolerance developed during my usage of this that i noticed or any long lasting effects.

i hope all made sense of my ramblings cheers for reading TJTHEDJ

P.s. BLODWYN your my hero!
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All in a days work TJ you are welcome I really didnt do anything!
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

I know buddy it was all the blody drugs!lol. the fact that you were on here at the time I was lost,you was the only thing that I knew was real!so in some sense you did!you saved my mind from total insanity and for that I thank you!
I'm The Dude, Playing The Dude, Disguised As Another Dude!
I'm Just A Dude Who's Gone Alittle CrAzY!!!! MUCH LOVE
MY D&B THREAD https://www.ukchemicalresearch.org/Threa...ated-daily

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