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My Methoxphenidine Birthday
Hi all I've been a member of this forum for some time but first time TR! so be gentle!lol

i'm a 29 year old male roughly 9 stone in body weight.
have had loads of experience with a lot of RC'S and Illegals but this class, dissociative, only recently!

last night was the eve of my birthday and what not better opportunity to have an adventure. I've had a few experience's before with this substance so knew what to expect!(those experiments were a week ago with excellent results,free base form of mxp IMO). anyway...

so i acquired  1g of mxp hcl. BRC athankyou!

8:20pm. Drinking a beer, put 90mg in my shot glass added a little beer and smash it down!
one thing i like with this substance is i get no nausea not with the first dose anyway!

slight numbing sensation of the throat.very anesthetic kinda way.

8:50pm. maybe slight effects happening?not to sure..

9:10pm. definite effects now not very pronounced but its there.i wonder maybe last weeks trials might have built some tolerance  

i'm reading posts on a forum dunno if i can name it here? a conspiracy website GLP.
and as time goes on i feel as if i'm connected.as if i got my own live command center with live updates of world events as there happening.total connectivity!

9:30pm. Euphoria building.....ALSO sense of feeling abit numb in places. dissociation.

10:00pm. Me and the missus have been sat here for awhile now but it seems so much longer as if time doesn't matter any more.we share a smoke. 

i wish this dose would do more but decide to wait it out for awhile as the thought of being incoherent terrifies the shit out of me!feeling nice effects

10:30pm. have another beer,and as i sip it every gulp has an effect on me.strange! this drug is very mind bending but always very clear headed and in control!

more time dilation effects.

11:30pm. cant wait anymore and think its my birthday in 30 minutes why not!the effects are diminishing somewhat so hey.

110mg in shot glass,add beer,SMASH!

i know what lies ahead already as i wait......

more numbing sensation of the throat i like this feeling[Image: meditate.gif]

12:10am. MY BIRTHDAY.This my friends is were it gets interesting.
put "ADVENTURE TIME" on cartoon network as love the random shit that comes with it!

12:30am. Complete loss of time!feel really stretched out.and am lost in randomness.
almost feel complete numbness and feel i don't exist in this space time continuum.
feeling very sedated but still stimulated. weird,it comes in waves

12:45am. i log on "HERE" and converse in conversation with people on here trying to find some solace in sharing my experience with you guys (who are always welcoming).

1:15am. i am no longer here there or anywhere. i'm in control but yet i can let it take me at will!slipping in and out of consciousness.going to mars and back but still staying in the room.the thing i like about this is there is an element of control.(at this dose at least).

1:50am. feel as if i'm falling.... slowly coming down i say goodnight and i think i fall asleep!

7:30am. awake to a fuzzy head which reminded me of waking up to a hang over.(i blame the beers! its my birthday today and i'm sure tonight will be a good one will continue my antics tonight and see where the day goes!

i dunno i really like it!a nice way to relax and loose yourself!im sorry for this is my first trip report so i hope to do more in the future!WATCH THIS SPACE.......TJTHEDJ
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Happy Birthday TJ hope your day is continuing being fab x
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

Might as well crack a brew straight away, otherwise you might get one of those 20 minute periods of midday sobriety.
Nasty and best avoided.

Back on the lash for you young fellow me lad.

Happy birthday.

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