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My 6-APB HCL report - After 3 years of searching, its here!
Be good; but if you can't be good, be careful ]:->
aw man, bidybag is such a blast from the past! Hiya bidy!
Love you Cookie <3
:D, lol
Be good; but if you can't be good, be careful ]:->
Lovely report! Just sadly that 6apb is banned now. Will research new 6eapb
5-eapb I found to be better than all the other apbs I wouldnt do it too often though as the thought of it makes me cringe. lol, dont know if I would try 6-eapb
Can I ask for your dosage and settings?

Just found some report on Bluelight forum about 6eapb and it fucking kick off ass :D It looks like 100mg dosage is enough. Its drug to take at home or club but should be very messy environment, otherwise will not me welcome :D

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