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Music To Trip To (Looking for a specific band)
Okey, so this is going to be vague as hell, but I'm trying to remember the name of a band whose album I used to own. Unfortunately, in one of my many moves it seems to have been left behind, and I've lost my history from Youtube where I know I also had it on a couple of playlists :(

I believe it was someone on here or the old forums who recommended it to me originally, so I may just have a chance. As for the band, it was all psychedelic .. erm .. beautiful sounds. To be honest, I probably never listened to it straight, so I'm not exactly sure what it was like =/

So, I guess we might as well just use this as a thread for recommending good psychedelic music to trip to, and hopefully what I'm after will be mentioned and it'll click :D
Psychedelic bands? Main two that spring to mind are Infected Mushroom (my favourite is Converting Vegetarians CD2) and Shpongle.

However I found downtempto/post rock to be the most enjoyable during my last trip, namely Mogwai, Zero 7 and Emancipator.

Hope any of that helped?
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Music to trip to? Well.. depending on your tastes I'd have to start with:

Jean Michelle Jarre (the old favourite for acid heads in the 80's)
The Beatles (pref The white album / magical mystery tour)
Chemical Brothers
Coldplay's (a rush of blood to the head not the new boring samey stuff)
Pink Floyd (only pick dark side of the moon if you can handle it)
Primal Scream (screamadelica)
The Orb
Massive attack
Peter Gabriel (peter gabriel)

And I know this may sound mental to some of you (it did to me at first), but Bach is AWESOME when you're tripping! If you like classical already that is.

I've just realised I need to get some proper playlists sorted out.. hmm..

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Something a bit different...

Caravan/Gong/Here & Now :D

And for the times where mellow emotion-laden soundscapes are what you want: sigur ros :)

Something for when you want headmash and messiness: modeselektor.
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(13-04-2013, 11:02 PM)mela Wrote: And for the times where mellow emotion-laden soundscapes are what you want: sigur ros :)

Good call!
Would also recommend Royksopp, Lamb, Boards of Canada and Morcheeba (the last two especially) if you fancy going down that route! *hypnotised*
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and if you really want to see how much you can handle chuck this on. Longest two minutes of your life


but serously though...

four tet
1 mile north
godspeed you black emperor
Mogwai, Mogwai, Mogwai, Mogwai, Mogwai, Mogwai, Mogwai.
it doesnt get better than this


Slow Avril 14th and normal Avril 14th on repeat at the same time is a bit of a treat, press play on both at the same time.

I also like this one a lot

electronic wise

and blaerg is amazing but only if you're in a secure comfortable spot otherwise can take you to dark spots

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