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Most euphoric stim currently obtainable in the uk? (i.e 4F-E/MPH, 3-FPM)
Comparisons have come up over and over although not perhaps not neatly in one place - there really has been no consensus I've seen, only different camps. Till recently we had MPA as well which was the only one I liked at all but many hated it and there is the camp that says RC stims are generally crap; I certainly wouldn't hold out much hope for 'empathic'; these really wouldn't be expected to have that effect unless you consider any stim as such which is to misunderstand empathy. Consensus doesn't always help - record sales suggest your best bets for choice of music are the beatles, elvis and micheal jackson, nothing I like much. You need to read the threads and see what appeals to try; even so contributors to 4f-mph/eph threads are likely those who have found other phenidates good; I find them paralysing and pointless. Reading about will also enlighten you to possible side effects - this thread if it ran and ran would only end in restating diverse opinion.
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"
A bit of MDAI can work wonders with an otherwise boring stim.
I can echo passiflora's comment,Mrs magu and I have taken to researching several of our small chemical stock with the addition of mdai with outstanding results .

HOWEVER (mainly for the O.P)
Please invest in some scales

Please please please remember the maxim ..''start small...you can add but NEVER take away''

May your researches be safe and bountiful

That is all

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