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Modalert vs modvigil vs waklert vs artvigil
How are we defining "controllable"?
It's important to get the dose right, a bit too much & it's worse than none. Those 150mg armodafinil pills are a strong dose intended for people with tolerance or some serious narcolepsy. 150mg armodafinil is much stronger than a 200mg modafinil pill, it's more like 300mg modafinil, so pill for pill the armodafinil has a stronger effect. Other than that they're very similar, but i seem to get more unwanted physical side effects with modafinil (at double the armodafinil dose). It's a pure functional stim, there's no recreational effect, a bit too much can be dysphoric.  It's milder than most stimulants, but long lasting, it can have some of the usual stim side effects (palpitations, anxiety, getting hot, jittery, itchiness, etc) & they last for longer if I take a bit too much. It can take a while to take effect too, it's maybe 3 or 4  hours to reach peak effect, so don't be too quick to redose. If I took a dose after lunchtime I wouldn't be sleeping at night, it is very good at keeping me awake & I can sleep OK on most other stims. I had to kill it with etizolam once or twice when i messed up.

The long half-life means it can build up in your blood if you take it consecutive days, tolerance also builds so this isn't much problem, it means the levels in the blood aren't so up & down. I find it works better after a few days & after about a week I can just take half pills each day, but by the end of week 2 I come off it, if not before then.

Because those 150mg waklert are a strong dose I break them in half & wait a few hours before taking the second half, then they're just as controllable as the lower dosed modafinil pills. They sell 50mg pills too, that's a standard starter dose, but not much cheaper, the 150mg work out better value.
Thank you for a very detailed reply. So far I must admit I haven't noticed an uncomfortable effect from either of the brands of modafinil I have tried. I have very much needed the energy boost when I have taken them and they have done a good job without really making me feel that I'm "on something".

I think tomorrow I'll try an armodafinil. I have quite a jam packed day including lots of sports in the morning, so let's see if I can give myself a boost and how it compares.
What I meant by controllable was jitters or feelings more than just wakefulness
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Started the day with a waklert, let's see what happens.

First impressions:

Tok 150mg waklert at 9am this morning, followed by a vegan protein shake (very few calories). Walked to boxing gym and took class. It was a fitness class and the intensity is very high, but theres a lot to learn afterwards in the boxing bit. I often find I get tired and flustered and embarassed in situations like this. I'm the only small female in a class full of men usually, and although they are all super friendly I often worry about fucking up and looking like an idiot. But this morning i felt mentally alert and "on it" without feeling manic. I worked hard and had a lot of fun but also was able to pay attention and be sociable.

Walked home feeling on top of the world. I always feel good after exercise but today my brain just feels happy. I've been very depressed and struggling to be sociable and manage basic life at the moment. But I feel happy and friendly and able to focus today. I've got a lot to do yet but I don't feel intimidated or worried about the workload. I even texted a few people and made plans because I feel so good. 

Man I wish I felt like this all the time. I've promised myself ill keep these drugs as an occasional thing but hopefully I can get closer to this place with diet and exercise and laying off benzo abuse.

Nearly 6pm now. Have had a busy day of walking about, appointments, remembering stuff and getting things done. I have felt positive and sociable and happy all day. Managed to get all my tasks done whilst still being friendly. I feel like the "real" me rather than the easily exhausted silent me who rushes around feeling stressed on other days.

Will be interested to see if I get any insomnia later. But basically first impressions of waklert are very positive.

I did have some insomnia on Tuesday night but it's hard to tell if that's just me being me or the fault of the waklert.
Do any UK reputable vendors stock armodafinal or is it strictly an eu order?
I am not an expert on these things but I decided to go with modafinil cat because they seemed well known and reliable. I received my order quickly.
I may make an order with modafinalcat, anyone else purchased from them?
Anyone know a good supplier that delivers to Ireland? Neither 4nrx nor Modafinal cat do.
I hope someone else chimes in on this thread. I got the modafinilcat recommendation from reddit, if that helps. Can't help with the Ireland thing though.

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