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Modalert vs modvigil vs waklert vs artvigil
Looking to try modafinil or armadofinil for the first time. Any thoughts on the best brand to try out?
Armodafinil is best, the brand shouldn't matter.
Interesting.  I thought modafinil was the gold standard. The site I am looking at seems to thibk one of the armodsfonil brand is stringer despite dose. Nonsense?
Modafinil has two enantiomers R-modafinil & S-modafinil, R-modafinil is responsible for most of the desired effects. Armodafinil is enantiopure R-modafinil, so it's about twice as potent with fewer side effects.

So waklert & artvigil are better than modalert & modvigil. The brand name doesn't matter, the active chemical & the dose are important. 150mg armodafinil is about as strong as 300mg modafinil.
Thank you

I the end I went fo a selection pack from a vendor I'm sure you know. This includes two brands of modafinil and two of the armodofonil.

I the end I went fo a selection pack from a vendor I'm sure you know. This includes two brands of modafinil and two of the armodofonil.
I disagree that Armodafinil is "better", I prefer Modafinil. There's a definitely mood boost Armo lacks. Armo seems a little more stimulating however. Try and see which you prefer.

I do say Modvigil is crap compared with Modalert, and Ive seen so many people say the same thing now. I don't know if it's just impure or underdosed. Modalert and Waklert are the ones to look for. Beware of sites that claim they sell "Provigil", they're invariably selling generics
I guess I will be able to use my sample pack to see if these things are true!

By the way are there any dangerous combinations with modafinil and illegal substances? I am a somewhat regular user of various things. I also use benzos regularly.

So far have tried two of these. Modalert made me feel amazing but I also had a good day that day so that probably helped.

Modvigil felt energetic for a while but then had a very crappy hour or two and after that felt very down. May have been modvigil wearing off or may have been my crappy day.

It's been four days so may try another tomorrow.

Btw doea anyone get insomnia from taking too late in the day? Have only tried in morning so far.

So far I'm enjoying 1 tab every four or five days. Is this too much? If I want to use more sometimes it is ok?

My experience with several eugeroics.

2007: had airsealed (no longer in existence) modafinil powder and modalert.

What a difference. Modalert made me jittery and uncomfortable, just like a lot of caffeine. Modafinil powder was simply fantastic: clean, clearheaded like a good sleep and no side effects.

Lately tocombat tiredness have used: modalert again, artvigil and sunpharma's armodafinil.

Modalert again was unpleasant for me. Artvigil however is strongly resembling the modafinil powder I had. Just great. I tend to use just 1/4 of a tablet (37.5 mg) and it works for me. Only use it occasionally (1-2 times per week at most).

Waklert was okey too, but I prefer artvigil.

Hope it helps, everbody is different of course.
Brands are irrelevant, found modafinil to be more controllable than armodafinil
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I found the opposite, adjusting for dose (armodafinil is about 2x as potent). I found armodafinil more controllable, less physical side to it, more mental focus & less scatty than modafinil, smoother, longer lasting. I had 150mg waklert split in two, half a pill when i woke up & then the other half about 4 hours later, kept me nicely stimmed all day. 150mg was sometimes a bit much in a single dose, but no problem with it staggered like that & no crash until bedtime. I used to get less physical side with waklert vs modalert, the doses were more convenient (200mg modafinil wasn't really enough for me, 400mg a bit too much), it lasts a bit longer & I think it worked out a little cheaper, considering the pills were 50% stronger. I seemed to get a bit of an itchy rash after modafinil that didnt happen with armodafinil, but it might have been unrelated.

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