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Mission statement
Mission Statement

UKChemical Research (UKCR) was created in response to the growing need for information relating to Research Chemicals. We aim to provide individuals with a forum to document and discuss their experiences and views on research chemicals as well as highlighting dosage, safety and harm reduction information gathered from individuals' own findings for those who have made the choice to experiment with these substances.
Providing information on a range of ever changing substances and chemicals could be seen as breaking taboos, however the nature of the human is to explore and learn and by providing the individual with as much information as we can we are allowing people to make informed choices for themselves with the intention of reducing harm.The information on the forum is provided by the members for the members and guests - everyone is welcome to contribute. We encourage chat and debate surrounding well established, analogue and novel chemicals. Our primary aim is to support a safer, better informed community where experienced and inexperienced individuals can ask questions and potentially experiment under safer circumstances

Our Goals

To provide open and honest information about research chemicals
To encourage debate around chemicals and vendors

To promote non-judgemental information sharing leading to increased safety for members and individuals using research chemicals

To provide the most current and up to date information regarding use of research chemicals and new and emerging legal substances

To recognise humanist values, the drug user's decision to use drugs is accepted as fact. No moral judgement is made either to condemn or to support use of drugs.

Promote a general understanding and awareness of Research Chemicals and new emerging legal drugs to a wider audience by providing accurate and up-to-date information

Remaining independent of any company, vendor or individual with an interest in promotion of research chemicals
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