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A brand name would be something like a cannabinoid blend called "Bonzai" or a "White bliss" stimulant blend, where the ingredients may differ with each batch.

This is not the case here.

Otherwise 99% of RCs would be brands.
You are correct but depends how you define a brand really. Most other research chemicals have a name directly based on the correct nomenclature for the particular chemical structure. This does not. Plus it's been exclusively launched, has a website dedicated to it and can only be got from 'approved' suppliers. Maybe not in the traditional sense but that is as good as being branded.

Technically not a brand based on the meaning of the word 'brand'.

You can't brand a pure chemical, not unless there is some specific way it was produced or if it's in a particular form that changes it's chemical activity/effectiveness/application of use etc and that you own the patent for it.

Anyhow Mexedrone is as good as branding, maybe not in law but it has the same desired effect on the public.
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@Blodwyn shouldt this thread be closed as we know its formula now.

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