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Mexedrone trip report - New Batch
It's like he said it's starts pushing u but doesn't actualy push u anywhere, some euphoria mild

It's like mdai with a slight stim

Nothing like mcat
(23-08-2015, 02:04 PM)raver81 Wrote:
(22-08-2015, 07:52 PM)neilj Wrote: Something doesn't add up...

Maybe you guy's should try an oral dose instead. I mean why do you even assume that this new batch is snortable?

Different forms require different routes.

Two reasons....

1.) The first batch I tested, which I enjoyed a lot more than this batch was pleasant insufflated but made me fall asleep after 314mg oral before it even kicked in. In my first trial the insufflated doses gave a worthy experience, the oral didn't.

2.) I've been advised to stick to insufflated as it is apparently the most effective ROA.

I have a good amount of the second batch left, I'm tempted to try different methods but I'm not sure about pushing it when it isn't really doing much. Seems a little reckless.

A trusted source has told me this has been sampled many times and thoroughly enjoyed. I have one more batch coming to sample so I'll see what happens. I can't comment on why this chemical behaves in the way it does, maybe it's only effective for certain people (genetic differences) because of their biology/metabolism but this is pushing it a bit for an excuse. I've got both good and bad results from it. The best thing to do would be for people to make a small purchase when it comes out (probably this Friday) and decide for themselves.
"I am not only touching the Sun... I am the Sun... We are one"
Wow so second batch was worse than the first!!!!!

Il getting the feeling this isn't going to be as good as they thought it was

It seen really complex to get the synth right

And I absolutely hate the sedation maybe nice for the end of a session
Swole29 first batch was very nice. Not quite major fireworks which most 4-MMC users are hoping for but it was really good for me and I saw a lot of potential. Unfortunately I wasted just over 300mg of my sample on oral dosing. That just ended in sleep before a full come up and so I didn't have enough to try larger nasal experiments. Second batch went right in with 175mg up one nostril and 175mg up the other nostril 30mins later. Was expecting a solid experience based on my first batch nasal experiments but I almost felt nothing! Getting a chance to try the powder so no polymorphism to worry about, hopefully this is the one! I'll give up if not ;)
"I am not only touching the Sun... I am the Sun... We are one"
Just release it as powder lol Fuk the crystal
(25-08-2015, 01:52 AM)swole29 Wrote: Just release it as powder lol Fuk the crystal

This is what I've been thinking, why the hell would they go to all the trouble of crystallising it if it ends up total shit. I suspect many people would prefer powder anyway.

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